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In an effort to assist in the recovery of materials missing as a result of the Carnegie Library theft, the ABAA would like to bring to the public’s attention the list of items believed stolen. Click this link to view the list. Update 8/20/18: The following list includes more details.

Should any member of the public identify having purchased or otherwise having knowledge of the disposition or current location of any items from the Carnegie Library—whether on this list or not—please contact one of the following detectives from Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office:

· Det. Fran Laquatra 
  (412) 388-5305

· Det. Perann Tansmore                   
  (412) 388-5307                             `

· Det. Lyle Graber                           
  (412) 388-5316                    

Please note, the detectives do not have reason to believe that anyone who may have purchased any of these items was necessarily aware that the material had been reported stolen.

The ABAA appreciates your attention and assistance with respect to this grave matter.  Please check our post from March for further details, including additional information on collection markings.


Vic Zoschak
President, ABAA

Brad Johnson
Chair, ABAA Security Committee

Susan Benne
Executive Director, ABAA