We have received a report that these items were “purchased” with a stolen credit card. The fraudster will likely attempt to sell the items on eBay. Please contact us ( or 212-944-8291) if you are offered any of these. Catcher in the Rye, first issue dust jacket A Separate Peace, first American edition, first printing, in dust jacket, published by Macmillan (New York), 1960 Theory of Relativity, first edition in English, in dust jacket, Methuen 1920 – purchased Feb 27, 2018 Power and the Glory, first edition, in dust jacket, inscribed to Clive Hirschhorn The Great Gatsby, no dust jacket (facsimile or otherwise), first issue text, green cloth [more]

A box of books went missing during load-out for the recent New York Antiquarian Book Fair. In addition to other material, the box contained: Sanders, Knave of Hearts Raoul Whitfield, Danger Zone Anonymous, Smiling Corpse Bronwell, Indian Raid 1861 If you have any information on the box or the items listed above please contact Jeff Bergman at (201) 647-1055 or [more]

Please contact us if you are offered the following item which is missing in transit to a Seattle-area customer: FORTY YEARS A FUR TRADER ON THE UPPER MISSOURI. The Personal Narrative of Charles Larpenteur 1833-1872. Edited, with many critical notes, by Elliott Coues. Two volume set. Limited edition. Larpenteur, Charles; Elliott Coues New York: Francis P. Harper, 1898. First Edition. Hardcover. Octavo (8vo). Very good condition. Original blue cloth bindings with minor shelfwear and rubbing. Number 625 of 900 copies. About 15 pages of the first volume have minor staining to the edges. [more]

Pittsburgh Area Thefts


Detectives from the Allegheny County District Attorney's Office, located in Pittsburgh PA, are currently investigating the theft of multiple rare books, folios, maps, plates, etc., which occurred over an extended period of time. Many of these items may have stamps or other markings reflecting ownership by the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, and would also not likely be marked for deaccession. A number of these items may have also been sold by or through Pittsburgh area booksellers. Detectives are requesting the assistance of ABAA and its members by posting for review the attached list of items identified through their criminal investigation as having been stolen. Should any ABAA member identify having purchased or otherwise having knowledge of the disposition or current location of any of the listed items, detectives request one of the following Allegheny County District Attorney's Office detectives be contacted: · Det. Fran Laquatra (412) 388-5305 · Det. Perann Tansmore (412) 388-5307 ` · Det. Lyle Graber (412) 388-5316 Detectives do not have reason to believe that anyone who might have purchased any of these items was aware that these items had been reported stolen. Click here to view a PDF list of stolen items, reflecting descriptive information,. i.e., author, title and description. A smaller number of the listed items are portions of items, such as maps, plates or drawings, remo... [more]

Missing: Principles of Population


This item was sold using a presumably stolen cc number and likely will be attempted to be resold on the market. Please contact ABAA HQ if offered. ALISON, Archibald (1792-1867). The Principles of Population, and their Connection with Human Happiness. 2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh: William Blackwood and Sons: and Thomas Cadell, London, 1840. First edition. Original quarter cloth and boards, uncut, with paper spine labels; spines faded and damaged at heads, labels worn. Provenance: armorial bookplates of Robert Crewe-Milnes, Marquess of Crewe. Kress C.5068; Goldsmiths' Library 31439; Schumpeter, p. 584. 212.944.8291 [more]

The following books were removed from a dealer's cases in transit to the 2018 California Book Fair. Please let us know immediately if you are offered these items at or All are firsts except for the Don Quixote (a second edition). >> Light in August >> Generalization of Gravitational Theory >> This Side of Paradise >> Casino Royale >> Don Quixote >> Candide >> Principles of Political Economy >> Origin of Species >> Reminisces of A Stock Operator >> The Marne >> Being and Nothingness >> Forgotten Village >> Nobel Lecture by Garcia Marquez >> General Theory >> Lolita >> Capitalism Socialism and Democracy >> Theory of Moral Sentiments >> Harry Potter >> Moonraker >> Fountainhead >> Dusklands >> Hobbit >> Live and Let Die >> Giving Tree >> Theory of Games >> Wealth of Nations >> Great Gatsby >> Locke's Abridgement >> Essay Concerning Understanding [more]

The book was purchased through Bauman Rare Books' website with a stolen credit card and was delivered to a home in Johns Creek, GA (suburb of Atlanta) yesterday morning. By yesterday afternoon it was being shopped around book stores in Atlanta. The fraudulent seller is a woman and she is saying it used to be the copy of her father, Sean Camron, and it is now hers and she is looking to sell it. She was in another store offering the book, but would not take it out of the clear plastic bag so they could inspect it. Please contact Eric Pedersen (, 212.751.0011) with any details. [more]

Reported stolen in Georgia


The following books were reported stolen in Lilburn Georgia. It is believed that a number of these books have appeared on eBay for sale. It is believed that these items may have been taken to California for sale. 1st Edition Gone With The Wind Friar Tuck- Robert Alexander Wason John Barley Corn- 1913 Red Hard Cover- Jack London Joan Walsh Anglund- Approximately 7 or 8 most signed by Anglund, owners name as well In The Pink- Mildred Spurrier Topp C Fumagalli La Vita Domestica Esposta 56 VERY RARE PRINTS Fabrri- STILL ARTIST Print Calla LIly Floral Print vivid colors- Many Victorian Women Fainting Spell Prints Vintage Christmas and Valentines Card as well as Calling Cards 1st addition Chicago sculpture book by James Rowdy 1st edition The Godfather by Mario Puzo, Vintage Bobbsey Twins Series, Norman Rockwell, Mark Twain Please contact the Lilburn Police Department - 770-921-2210 and Detective - with any information. Case #LP17003932 [more]

Helter Skelter: L.A. Art in the 1990s Gudis, Catherine It was reported that the package was removed from a customer's mailbox, ripped open, exhibition catalog removed, and the empty packaging left nearby. While a relatively inexpensive item, it may fit a pattern seen in another city targeting packages just after they have been delivered. Please contact the ABAA if you have any information. [more]