Entries from January 2012

We can help you out! In addition to having a number of ABAA members in Southern California who perform qualified appraisals, there will be two events at the 45th California International Antiquarian B... [more]

This item was still reported missing as of June 10, 2019. The following item has been reported stolen: Title : Foxes Book of Martyrs Authors : Foxes Description : Description from a recent NADFAS inve... [more]

Last night The Colbert Report aired part one of a two part interview with renowned author and illustrator Maurice Sendak, and it was hilarious. For your viewing pleasure, Grim Colberty Tales with Maur... [more]

Today would be the 150th birthday of famed American author Edith Wharton, who is probably most widely known for her examination of New York society in the early twentieth century (The Age of Innocenc... [more]