Entries from September 2015

Gauguin’s Model

By Greg Gibson

Today's entry has to do with the way Tahiti looked to Gauguin, but it is also about colleagues, and buying things, and about surprises – about whether or not they can be surprises if we expect them.... [more]

Illustrating Goblin Market

By Rich Rennicks

One reason books have not been replaced by electronic approximations -- despite many predictions of doom -- is the appeal of the physical objects themselves. Lavish illustrations, careful design, and ... [more]

New Rare Book Catalogs

By Rich Rennicks

For some, September is the busiest time of the year, with children heading back to school, the pressure mounting at work to hit end-of-year targets, and the holiday season lurking just around the corn... [more]

Brooklyn Book Fair

By John Schulman

Marvin Getman, a seasoned and affable fair promoter, is using the newly built Brooklyn Expo Center in the Greenpoint neighborhood for the second time, September 19-20, 2015, as a venue for a fall book... [more]

Missing from Georgia: Autographs


Located! These items were recovered as of 10/3/2015. The following four items were allegedly stolen from the home of a collector in Georgia (USA) on July 18, 2015. Please contact us if you are offered... [more]

Featured Items: September

By Rich Rennicks

A selection of featured items from among those offered by ABAA members, including very rare inscribed, pseudonymous novels by Agatha Christie, a first edition H.G. Wells, rare Robert McCloskey, and an... [more]