Entries from January 2017

Bookseller Ed Smith (Ed Smith Books) interviewed Kurt Brokaw, a professor and film critic, who likes to moonlight as a rare bookseller (specializing in noir paperback originals) on the streets of Manh... [more]

Fake Darwin Inscription

By Janine Moodhe

The Security Chair of ILAB recently issued the following alert: Recently several ILAB members have noticed a purported 'presentation copy' of the first edition of the 'Origin of Species', inscribed by... [more]

Three books were stolen from Amber Unicorn in mid-December 2016, and have recently been offered for sale in New York. If you believe you have been offered the items below, please contact: Myrna Donato... [more]

Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton is a phenomenon, even by the standards of hit Broadway musicals; people who have no hope of getting their paws on a ticket until sometime next year are obsessively listen... [more]