Entries from August 2014

The Wife and Me

By Greg Gibson

Ernest Wessen's letters are a must for aspiring Americana dealers In his memoir, The Adventures of a Treasure Hunter my idol, Charlie Everitt, refers to his wife as “Mrs. Everitt.” I like the old... [more]

An Alphabeticon : encyclopedia for the use of the lettered and unlettered. Edition C- 16 volume set of the Analphabeticon; Assembled by George Brecht and Rudolf Rieser in a random order using images s... [more]

“So we're driving to see you,” says Dave, “and I say to Jeff, 'John's got a nice copy of Papillons he might come down on.' And Jeff goes 'Oh Papillon! One of my favorite escape books, great movi... [more]

A Little History

By Greg Gibson

I'm writing from the magnificent pile of stone and anguish known as Chapter 11 Books, situated between a Jiffy Lube and a drive-thru mortuary, and patronized primarily by people who'll have to come ba... [more]