Entries from December 2014

Every January, when Pittsburgh starts getting bleakly cold like this, tired old travel posters of sunny climes start unfurling deep inside my earmuffed, sniffling head. I want to be someplace warm and... [more]

A Bibliophilic Miracle

By John Windle

To begin at the beginning, Charles Ralph Boxer was born in 1904 to a distinguished British family of considerable means. Educated at Wellington College and Sandhurst, he seemed destined for a military... [more]

This week's news that President Obama will end the 54-year-old American trade embargo against Cuba and restore diplomatic relations marks a major change in Cuban-American relations. ABAA members have ... [more]

History Between the Pages

By Tom Nealon

At Pazzo Books, the shop that I kept for years in the outer neighborhoods of Boston, MA and now run out of a two-story in-law addition in my home, I've learned that old books are funny things. Often y... [more]


By Simon Beattie

'Deckle edges' are the rough, untrimmed edges of a sheet of handmade paper (the deckle, from the German Deckel, 'little cover,' being the thin wooden frame around the mould on which the pulp is placed... [more]

The ABAA has recently admitted three new members, Don Myers, of Pacific Coast Books, Ezra Tishman of Aardvark Books, and Nicole Reiss of Brattle Book Shop. Full Members: Don Myers (Pacific Coast Books... [more]