Entries from July 2018

Every week, ABAA members issue new catalogs of rare books and ephemera. Most of the items featured therein are not-yet listed on abaa.org (but there are exceptions, as you'll see below). We scoured th... [more]

Missing in Tranist: Brooklyn


This item is still missing as of 6/12/2019. A customer reports that a package containing the following book was stolen from her mailbox in Brooklyn, NY. Weiss, Harvey. Twenty-four and Stanley . New Yo... [more]

Books of the Week

By Rich Rennicks

What new additions to the abaa.org website caught the eye this week? An interesting endorsed letter to President Andrew Jackson, a very early collection of medical recipes, and first editions of books... [more]

Every famous poet and writer started small, usually with cautious publishers who printed small batches of the first edition of their early books. For most, the cautious print runs continues, even afte... [more]

It's common knowledge that Thomas Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence, but did you realize he was also the first American to record a recipe for ice cream? Jefferson's recipe was for vani... [more]