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By Janine Moodhe

The blog will be silent until after Labor Day as I will be enjoying a little vacation. In the meantime, please visit our Facebook page to get your bookish fix. Enjoy the last days of summer! [more]

Paper Passion Here's a way to take your bibliophilia to a whole other level. Fashion icon Karl Lagerfield, publisher Gerhard Steidl, Wallpaper* magazine, and perfumer Geza Schoen have collaborated to... [more]

Rare Cookbooks Stolen

By Janine Moodhe

The following eight rare cookbooks were stolen in the past 24 hours: Almanach des Gourmands 1805 The Honours of the Table 1791 The American Frugal Housewife 1836 The Cook's and Housewife's Manual 1826... [more]