Entries from October 2015

Few people know that the most famous pop artist in the world, Andy Warhol, began his career in New York as a commercial artist and book illustrator. Born in Pittsburgh in 1928 to immigrants from prese... [more]

One thing that distinguishes the book collector from the casual reader is a preference for owning first editions. What is a first edition? A first edition is the format a book took when it was first m... [more]

Infamous Banned Books

By Rich Rennicks

Looking at the history of book banning worldwide, from Henry VIII's destruction of Catholic iconography and religious books during the dissolution, to Hitler's famous bonfires of any work deemed insuf... [more]

New Rare Book Catalogs

By Rich Rennicks

October is the season of leaf peeping. Some dress warmly and do their leaf peeping in scenic beautyspots, other relax in a comfy armchair and examine the leaves of rare book catalogs (either in printe... [more]

The 39th annual Boston International Antiquarian Book Fair takes place in Boston, MA from November 13 to 15. The leaves are falling, Maine is experiencing its first snowfall, and the world series is u... [more]

Friday, October 16 marks 161 years since the birth of Oscar Wilde. In that time be became the toast of the literary scene in 19th-century London, an international pariah, and finally, decades after he... [more]