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The Raab Collection this year marks its 35th anniversary in the business of discovering, buying, and selling important historical documents and autographs. Founded in 1989 by Steven S. Raab, an attorney and collector, the company has since grown into an international firm, serving both private collectors and major institutions around the world. To celebrate this milestone, Raab has updated and refreshed its notable website, and throughout this season will curate a collection and exhibition, “35 for 35,” that celebrates its role in uncovering pieces of history and unveils some documents never before offered for sale and others last on the market a century ago or more. It will also feature periodic articles on the history of the business written by Steven S. Raab.


35 for 35: Historical Discoveries 

Historical discovery is a key part of what they do at Raab. Much of what they offer has been acquired from prominent historical families, including descendants of presidents, Revolutionary War and Civil War figures, scientific greats, owners of old European chateaus, great generals from America and Europe, and Civil Rights trailblazers. Many of these items have not been on the market in a century, or, in some cases, have never before been offered for sale.

With a nod toward this, The Raab Colelction are marking their anniversary with the launch of “35 for 35”: A selection of historical discoveries introduced in the past year, as well as some that will be revealed for the first time during the anniversary celebration. These remarkable documents include signed letters of John Adams, George Washington, Winston Churchill, Thomas Jefferson, Ernest Hemingway, Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln, the negotiators of the Oslo Peace Accords, and many others.

Over the next five weeks, The Raab Collection will reveal selections from “35 for 35” in their appointment-only gallery, in their email newsletter, and online.


Some "35 for 35" selections:


Lincoln Letter

Newly Discovered, Previously Unknown Manuscript Shows How Abraham Lincoln Practiced Law.


Raab History

The Raab Collection was founded by Steven S. Raab, who had been collecting historical documents and artifacts since 1960. When he left his law practice to become a dealer of historical autographs and documents, he sought mentors in established experts like Neale Lanigan.

For a logo, Steven chose an illustration of an eagle from Civil War-era stationery to inspire the Raab eagle, which has remained a consistent presence ever since. Their new 35th anniversary logo retains the storied eagle while saluting the company’s years of experience and accomplishment.  

Susan Raab, Steven’s wife, soon joined the business, taking charge of catalog production. Together they launched the company’s website in 1996. 

The Hunt for HistoryIn 2005, their son Nathan joined the firm as a principal, followed in 2015 by his wife, Karen Pearlman Raab. All four continue to hold leadership positions. In 2020, Nathan Raab published the widely acclaimed, bestselling book, The Hunt for History (Scribner), which shares fascinating tales from the life of an expert autograph hunter. 

To learn more about The Raab Collection, check out the Raab History page and enjoy two new essays by Steven Raab, one on founding his company, the other on great autographs dealers of the past