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“The book was a vehicle to connect a family.” –Henry Roth 

For more than 35 years, Lawrence Fox has served as the ABAA’s legal counsel and also as one of our members’ good customers. Larry is known for his collection of the writings of Edgar Allan Poe and American literature. His copy of Henry Roth’s Call it Sleep—a first edition, first state with first state dustwrapper—is “among the finest, brightest and most crisp copies of this scarce book.”

In recognition of his many years of service with the ABAA, Larry has donated the copy to the Association’s charitable entities with proceeds from the sale going to the Elisabeth Woodburn and Benevolent Funds. George Lowry and his team at Swann will offer the book for sale, without commission to the Funds, on May 18, 2016.

But it gets better. Larry was Roth’s personal friend and Trustee of the Henry Roth Literary Properties Trust and this copy is inscribed to Larry Fox: “In awe at his incredible assiduity”. The book chronicles the story of David Shearl, a child immigrant growing up in the slums of early 1900s Brooklyn. It beautifully captures the pain and honesty of families amidst a background of Jewish life and community.

We at the ABAA are so excited to have these long friendships come together to benefit something so deeply important to us and to Larry: creating knowledge, learning, and opportunity through education and aiding booksellers in times of need.

View the auction, spread the word, and bid, bid, BID!