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Rare Books, Manuscripts, Literary Art - December 2015 We are pleased to announce our new catalogue of Rare Books, Manuscripts and Literary Art, which includes original manuscripts by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and G. K. Chesterton; inscribed books by Nathaniel Hawthorne; original art by Morris Cox of the Gogmagog Press; archives and letters by John Cheever and David Markson; comprehensive collections of works by Phillip Levine and Gore Vidal; and first editions by James Agee, John Ashbery, Samuel Beckett, Walter Benjamin, Elizabeth Bishop, Kate Chopin, Cyril Connolly, Miguel Covarrubias, William Everson, Allen Ginsberg, Seamus Heaney, Ted Hughes, James Joyce, Primo Levi, Robert McAlmon, Thomas Mann, Herman Melville, Paul Muldoon, Robert Musil, George Orwell, Fernando Pessoa, Ezra Pound, James Schuyler, Gertrude Stein, Wallace Stevens, Walt Whitman, William Wordsworth and W. B. Yeats, many of them signed or inscribed.
Modern American Poetry An illustrated 108-page catalogue devoted to rare and important works of Twentieth Century American poetry, 331 items, including first editions, mostly signed and inscribed, association copies, original letters, photographs, as well as significant collections of the works of John Ashbery, James Merrill, Philip Levine and Wallace Stevens.
Many Happy Returns: The Tulsa School A 109-page illustrated catalogue devoted to the work of Ted Berrigan, Joe Brainard, Dick Gallup, Ron Padgett and their associates.
Kenneth Rexroth: Paintings An illustrated catalogue devoted to nine original paintings by the poet Kenneth Rexroth and one painting by his first wife Andree Rexroth, with an introduction by Bradford Morrow, one of Rexroth's executors.
James S. Jaffe Rare Books. Rare Books & First Editions, Fine Printing & Literary Art, Autograph Lett The catalogue includes the Nobel Laureate Miguel Angel Asturias’s rare first literary work, Rayito de Estrella (Paris, 1929); a fine first edition of Kate Chopin’s The Awakening (1899); a fine copy in the extremely rare dust jacket of the first edition of Irma Bombech’s The Joy of Cooking (St. Louis, 1931); the rare first American edition of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol (Philadelphia, 1844); Thomas Hardy’s Wessex Poems (London, 1898) in the rare dust jacket; a fine copy of the first edition, first issue of Seamus Heaney’s first book, Eleven Poems (Belfast, 1965); Ted Hughes’s Roosting Hawk (Northampton, 1959) inscribed by Hughes to Sylvia Plath’s mother; the first edition of Keats’s Lamia (London, 1820) in original boards; a fine run of Philip Larkin’s appearances in his school literary magazine The Coventrian (Coventry: King Henry VIII School, 1935-1944); the publisher Gaston Gallimard’s copy of the deluxe issue of Stéphane Mallarmé’s Un Coup de Dès (Paris: Gallimard, 1914); Wilfred Owen’s Poems (London, 1920) in the rare dust jacket; and an important presentation copy of Sylvia Plath’s The Colossus (London, 1960), among others. Among the manuscripts and letters offered are letters from Ray Johnson and Robert Rauschenberg to Hazel Frieda Larsen, the artists’ friend and photography instructor at Black Mountain College; a fine manuscript of Thomas Hardy’s “In Time of ‘The Breaking of Nations’”, and a highly important series of letters from the poet Charles Olson to Ralph Maud.
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