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Fascicule XIII

By James Gray Bookseller

Fascicule XIII 30 Books from the sixteenth century, mostly Reformation.

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Biography 2018

By Buddenbrooks, Inc.

Biography 2018 Our latest catalogue featuring Biographies, Autobiographies, Memoirs and More.

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Catalog 64, Holiday 2018

By E.M. Maurice Books

Catalog 64, Holiday 2018 166 NEW ARRIVALS await you in Catalog 64 (We know it is numbered through 167, but we somehow missed #141). We recently took in a large quantity of Christmas themed books, most of which appear in this catalog, including a rare Elisabeth Ivanovsky illustrated tale of St. Nicholas of Myra by Henri Gheon. Be sure not to miss the American issue of Lewis Carroll's Nursery Alice. We're excited about a first edition of Alexander and the Magic Mouse illustrated by Philippe Fix, which we'd only ever seen as a book club or ex-library copy. We acquired a French language edition of Grimm's fairy tales that we'd never seen or heard of before, illustrated by Gwendolen Mawe, see item #74. On our recent travels to Maine we stumbled on a stunning copy of the John R. Neill illustrated edition of Hiawatha by Longfellow. A nice copy of Jessie Willcox Smith's Everyday Fairy Book fell into our laps, and that doesn't happen everyday! There is much more to see including many signed books, Caldecott Honor books, Newbery Medal and Honor books and lastly we should mention a funny book of cats that you can read about at #28, Die Katzen in Der Schule with artwork attributed to Eugen Hartung. Enjoy!

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