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220: ‛An Idiot’s Fugitive Tracts on Science’ BEING VARIOUS & SUNDRY BOOKS,  MOSTLY SCIENTIFIC

By Jeff Weber Rare Books

220: ‛An Idiot’s Fugitive Tracts on Science’ BEING VARIOUS & SUNDRY BOOKS,  MOSTLY SCIENTIFIC 60 BOOK WRITTEN OR CONTRIBUTED BY (or about): Robert Merrihew ADAMS; Carola BAUMGARDT; George BIRTWISTLE; Tycho BRAHE; Percy Williams BRIDGMAN; Hermann Alexander BRUCK; Francois de CALLIERES; John CARY; Gale E. CHRISTIANSON; George V. COYNE; Roy CRAIG; Rene DESCARTES; Antonio R. DAMASIO; John Baptist DE FREVAL; John Louis Emil DREYER; Sir Arthur Stanley EDDINGTON; Desiderius ERASMUS; James EVANS; William Suddards FRANKLIN; GALILEO GALILEI; John GRIBBIN; Michael HAVEMANN; Edwin HUBBLE; Samuel HUMPHREYS (translator ); International Society for the Study of the Origin of Life; Louis Charles KARPINSKI MILLER; Johannes KEPLER; Gottfried Wilhelm LEIBNITZ; Malcolm Sim LONGAIR; Conrado LYCOSTHENE [alias Konrad WOLFFHART]; Barry MACNUTT; Sir Harrie Stewart Wilson MASSEY; Christian MOELLER; Nevill Francis MOTT; Otto E. NEUGEBAUER; Isaac NEWTON; NICOMACHUS OF GERASA; Niels NIELSEN; Nobel Prizes; James William NORTON-KYSHE; Charles P. Pollard OLIVIER; M. E. OMELYANOVSKY; Octav ONICESCU; Carl OPPENHEIMER; J. ORÓ; Syozo OSAWA; Max OSTERBERG; George Barry O'TOOLE; David PARK; Robert Hodson PARSONS; Pio PASCHINI; Cecilia PAYNE-GAPOSCHKIN; Karl PEARSON; Henry PEMBERTON; S. S. PENNER; Noel Antoine PLUCHE; Robert Wichard POHL; C. PONNAMPERUMA; Pontificiae Academiae Scientiarum Scripta Varia; Felix Archimede POUCHET; Otto RAHN; Richard RAPPORT; Roshdi RASHED; Alfred A. ROBB; Frank Egleston ROBBINS; Vasco RONCHI; Svein ROSSELAND; Henry Norris RUSSELL; Erwin SCHRODINGER; Ludwik SILBERSTEIN; William Marshall SMART; Ian Naismith SNEDDON; Filippo SOCCORSI; Lyman SPITZER, Jr.; Alexander Dees de STERIO; Walter SULLIVAN; Victor E. THOREN; Clifford Ambrose TRUESDELL; R. S. YOUNG.

SUBJECTS: Anecdotes, Antiquity (science during), Arabic Science, Archeology, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Atomic Theory, Bacteriology, Bees, Biochemistry, British Roads, Chemistry, Creationism, Electricity, Freethought, Genetics, Hydrodynamics, Jewish Theology, Law dictionary, Mathematics, Meteors, Neuroscience, Optics, Physics, Planetary Systems, Power Stations (industry), Relativity, Russian science, Scientific Biography, Spontaneous Generation, Stars, UFOs, Wave Mechanics

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Catalog 19-2a (June 2019)

By Read'Em Again Books

Catalog 19-2a (June 2019) Catalog 19-2a (June 2019) contains over 50 items, primarily first-person, original source Americana: correspondence, documents, journals, postal history, photograph albums, as well as other ephemera in a variety of subjects including Advertising, African-Americana, Business & Labor, Circus & Fairs, Crime & Law, Entertainment & Theater, Maritime & Whaling, Military & War, Native Americans, Suffrage, and Women.

Also, we still have some items unsold from our last two catalogs and will accept reasonable offers if you find something of interest: Catalog 18-5 and Catalog 19-1. To view them, please visit


By Jeff Weber Rare Books

219: RECENT ACQUISITIONS RELATING TO MICROSCOPY & ASTRONOMY; THE LURE OF THE MICROSCOPE & OTHER SCIE AUTHORS [Authorship]: Alfred ALLEN, John ASPINWALL, Edward Collins BOUSFIELD, Benjamin BRAMAN, James Bryant CONANT, George E. DAVIS, Aubrey H. DREW, S. H. HIGGINS, Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry, Antoni van LEEUWENHOEK, K. MICHEL, New York Microscopical Society, New York Microscopical Society, Jean Francois NICERON, Henry Alleyne NICHOLSON, The Northern Microscopist; (editor), C. W. OATLEY, Theodore E. OERTEL, Donald L. PADGITT, Louis PASTEUR, John PHIN, Postal Microscopical Society , Andrew PRITCHARD, Mary PROCTOR, Richard A. PROCTOR, John Thomas QUEKETT, Oscar W. RICHARDS, Maria ROOSEBOOM, Royal Microscopical Society, Science Heritage Collection, Garrett P. (Putnam) SERVISS, Sir Arthur Everett SHIPLEY, Society of Chemical Industry, Herbert SPENCER, Spencer Lens Company; , Edmund J. (Johnson) SPITTA, Alfred Cheatham STOKES, Rev. Lewis TOMLINSON, Gerard L'Estrange TURNER, John TYNDALL, Unitron Scientific, Inc, Newton Highlands, Mass, Hon. Mrs. Mary WARD, W. WATSON & Sons, Ltd, London, Wilfred Mark WEBB, William WHEWELL, Rev. John George WOOD, Lewis WRIGHT, Joseph Henry WYTHES, (Wythe, M.D.), J. L. ZABRISKIE, Carl ZEISS.

TOPICS: Astronomy, Bacteriology, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Infusoria, Medical microscopy, Microscopy, Optics, Spontaneous Generation

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