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The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments … [Bound with]: The Psalms of David, in metre [1843]. [2 volumes].
[Two works] [I]: The Whole Book of Psalms, collected into English Metre. . . . And others conferred with the Hebrew. [II]: A New Version of the Psalms of David, fitted to the tunes used in Churches. By N. Brady and N. Tate.
The Life of M. Tullius Cicero.

The Life of M. Tullius Cicero.

by [CICERO] MIDDLETON, Conyers (1683-1750).

London: : Printed for J. Cuthell, J. Nunn and others, 1824. , 1824 (click for more details)
The Holy Bible.

The Holy Bible.

by Bible 1821.

Oxford: : Samuel Collingwood, 1821. , 1821 (click for more details)
American Photographic Album containing 97 carte-de-visite photographs.

American Photographic Album containing 97 carte-de-visite photographs.

by [American Photographic Album].

New York: : Major & Knapp, Lithographers, [no date, ca. 1864/5]. , 1864 (click for more details)

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230: Fore-edge Paintings: The Hidden Art SUBJECTS: 15 Fore-edge Painted books, Bibles, Fine bindings. AUTHORS, ARTISTS, & CONTRIBUTORS: Mrs. Maria Smith ABDY, Dr. John AIKIN, American Photographic Album, Bibles, Godfrey Benson CHARNWOOD, CICERO, Chinese Fore-edge Painting, Henry Fynes CLINTON, William COWPER, Ms. C. B. CURRIE [artist], "DOVER" [artist/Marks & Co.], William DUNCAN, Martin FROST, John HOPKINS, David MARTIN, Conyers MIDDLETON, Don NOBLE, Louis H. SILVER, Thomas STERNHOLD, 'STEVENS' [artist], Jeff WEBER.

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229: WONDERS: RARE BOOKS IN MEDICAL HISTORY, ANIMISME ET SPIRITISME, MEDICAL ODDITIES Approx. 42 books. AUTHORS: Anthony ADAMS-REILLY F.R.G.S.; Margueritte Harmon BRO; Kevin BROWNLEE; SAINT CYPRIAN; Pontius of Carthage; John William DRAPER; Edward Murray EAST; Laurence ECHARD; Sherwood EDDY; Ludwig EDELSTEIN; Simeon EDMUNDS; Philip EDWARDS; Paul A. ELLIOTT; Samuel Bulfinch EMMONS; Gordon EPPERSON; Desiderius ERASMUS; Margaret R. EWALT; Johannes FABRICIUS; William FALCONER; Patricia FARA; Paul Lawrence FARBER; John Stephen FARMER; Georgina D. FELDBERG; Henry FERGUS,; Henry FIELDING; William J. FIELDING; J. Arthur FINDLAY; Valeria FINUCCI; Camille FLAMMARION; Ludwick FLECK; Donald FLEMING; Théodore FLOURNOY; Thomas Rogers FORBES; Arthur FORD; George FORSTER; Johann Reinhold FORSTER; Orson Squire FOWLER; Girolamo [Hieronymi] FRACASTORO [FRACASTORIUS]; Benjamin FRANKLIN; Roger FRENCH; Isaac K. FUNK; James David FORBES; Frank GREENAWAY; Edmund GURNEY; Michael E. HOARE; Martin LUTHER; NATHANIEL MARSHALL; Henry MORE MUNDAY; Thomas ROSCOE; John Campbell SHAIRP; Peter Guthrie TAIT; Owsei TEMKIN; C. Lilian TEMKIN; Emily Wilmer Cave WRIGHT.