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E-Catalogue 16 21 recent acquisitions
E-Catalogue 15 Twenty European printed books and manuscripts, 1508-1829
E-Catalogue 14 Printed books, manuscripts, bindings and portfolios, 1470-1833
E-Catalogue 13 20 recent acquisitions including incunables, early Continental publishers’ bindings, instructional manuals to help advance one’s career or spiritual standing, a history of the Morisco revolt, an history of Bamberg Bishops in verse, a Catalan illustrated broadside, a lawyer’s rhyming comedies, and two illustrated hagiographies.

E-Catalogue 12 Recent Acquisitions: Mystical Allegory, Sammelbände, Pillars of the Church, Art & Design, World Chroniclers, and the Reading Journal of a Russian Countess
Kids, E-Catalogue 11 21 books, manuscripts and broadsides for, by & about children
E-Catalogue 10 Twenty Books and Manuscripts, 1532-1848
E-Catalogue 9 21 books, manuscripts, and prints
E-Catalogue 8 A chronological catalogue of European books, 1470-1817
A baker’s dozen 13 recent acquisitions
Musinsky Rare Books Catalogue 2015 / I 27 books, manuscripts, and prints from the 15th to 19th century, mainly French and German
New year list 2015 6 books for the holidays
New acquisitions January 2014

18 books and manuscripts

Musinsky list July 2014 20 books, manuscripts and broadsheets, dating from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century, from Austria, England, Flanders, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, and Switzerland
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