Mission Statement

The mission of the ABAA is to promote ethical standards and professionalism in the antiquarian book trade, to encourage the collecting and preservation of rare and antiquarian books and related materials, to support educational programs and research into the study of rare books, and to facilitate collegial relations between booksellers, librarians, scholars, and collectors.

The objectives of the ABAA, as stated in Article I.B of the ABAA By-laws are:

1. The Association was incorporated in 1949 to encourage and promote interest in and appreciation of fine and antiquarian books and other printed materials, and manuscripts;

2. To establish, maintain and promote professional and ethical standards in the trade;

3. To foster friendly relations among both the membership, and the bookselling community at large;

4. To encourage the advancement of the technical and general knowledge specific to the trade;

5. To sponsor book fairs and otherwise promote bookselling and book collecting for the benefit of the trade;

6. To collect funds to be used for the general purposes of the Association;

7. To act as an association in matters where individual action would be less likely to succeed;

8. To cooperate with similar organizations for the above purposes, in this country and abroad.