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While in Ireland and out of the book world, I've been posting chapters from a story I'm working on. (See earlier entries on Bookman's Log.) The story is set in the town of Talman, a fictional iteration of Nyack, NY, one of the stops on my book route for decades. One of my favorite dealers in Nyack is Fred Rosselot,

a lovely guy with a sharp mind and a sharper eye for books - with which he filled his house.

This past weekend, Fred was severely injured in a fire which destroyed his house and his entire stock.

For details go to Bookman's Log...

Presumably the ABAA Benevolent Fund will be helping out as well. 

According to colleague Lorne Bair, "I've already forwarded Mr. Rosselot's devastating news to the Trustees, who will no doubt act appropriately."

"Of course, there are many on this list who don't donate to the Benevolent Fund, but who might feel moved to donate to Mr. Rosselot directly. Where that's the case, it sounds like under the circumstances he can use every penny that comes his way."

"I'll just take this opportunity to point out to all here how clearly this story illustrates the fact that many members of our fraternity/sorority lead a tenuous existence, one step away from disaster. The Benevolent Fund was established in understanding of, and as a partial antidote to, this reality. Give accordingly."

"Nuff said.

Good luck, Fred!