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Join the ABAA-Public Google Group, a listserv where ABAA members announce select books for sale, share information on their participation in upcoming book fairs, and showcase their recent catalogs!

The ABAA-Public Google Group is a read-only email group, so email traffic is kept to a minimum and only ABAA members can announce books for sale — ensuring all items are in full compliance with our Code of Ethics


ABAA-Public Google Group


Subscribers to the group can opt to receive emails individually, or have each day’s emails combined into a daily digest to limit the number of emails they receive.


Subscribing to the ABAA-Public Google Group

You must have a Google Account to subscribe to receive emails from the ABAA-Public Google Group. You can create a Google Account without changing your non-Google email address here.

Once logged in to your Google account, you can request to join the ABAA-Public Google Group by clicking the "Ask to Join Group" button.

You can also request to be added by writing to

More information on Google Groups can be found here