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Adam Davis of Division Leap in Portland, Oregon reports:  

"Our car was stolen today from outside the shop. There were a couple hundred 8vo sized zines in the back, and two binders with ephemera. We don't have a list of the contents yet- but I would think this many zines hitting the market would be a bit of an anomaly. . . . There was a complete run of the zine Dishwasher, but aside from that I don't have an inventory of that material.  

"Some of the material will have my pencilled price at upper right hand corner of first blank, with a 5 Digit number at the lower tip of same Page beginning with a 1 or a 2. Local bookstores have been alerted."  

Please keep your eyes/ears/email reading open for queries about a quantity of this sort of material, esp. if you are in the PDX area.

Please contact ABAA Security chair Garrett Scott, <>, or contact Adam directly at <> or (503) 206 7291 if you have any information.

We will update this ABAA Security Blog with lists, law enforcement contacts, case numbers, etc. as they become available.