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We are thrilled to announce that the winners of this year’s National Collegiate Book Collecting Contest:

First Prize: Katya Soll, University of Kansas, Dictatorship, Recovery, and Innovation: Contemporary Theatre of the Southern Cone

Second Prize: Hanna Kipnis King, Swarthmore College, "Plucked from a holy book": Ashkenazim on the margins
Third Prize: Audrey Golden, University of Virginia, Pablo Neruda and the Global Politics of Poetry

First Prize

 Katya SollDictatorship, Recovery and Innovation: Contemporary Theater of the Southern Cone

Missouri native Katya Soll is a doctoral candidate in Theatre and Spanish at the University of Kansas. Her collection focuses on how theater has been a conduit through which citizens in South America’s Southern Cone have protested, absorbed, and recovered from dictatorship and oppression. Many parts of the collection were purchased during research trips to Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile.


Second Prize 

Hanna Kipnis King"Plucked from a holy book": Ashkenazim on the Margins

Hanna Kipnis King is a student at Swarthmore College and the winner of Swarthmore’s A. Edward Newton Book Collection Competition. Her collection deals with the disenfranchised members of the Ashkenazi Jewish community, and how they have dealt with inadequate acceptance within its culture and traditions. Hanna gravitates to the poets, zinesters, novelists, theologians, and diarists; those that are writing in divergent and deeply personal ways of their experiences of misogyny, racism, ethnonationalism, and various forms of interpersonal and state violence.


Third Prize 

Audrey Golden, Pablo Neruda and the Global Politics of Poetry

Audrey Golden is a doctoral candidate at the University of Virginia and the first-prize winner of the Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia’s biennial Student Book Collecting Contest. Her education in law led to her research in law and contemporary literature. The development of Audrey's collection was inspired by her previous appreciation of Neruda and his role as a leftist politician.  



The awards ceremony will take place at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC on October 17th at 4:30pm, and includes a lecture by featured speaker Nicholas Basbanes. For more information, please contact

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