Adam Weinberger

Despite successfully pursuing other careers like engineering and finance, Adam continually found himself gravitating back to books. It was no wonder since he grew up in a house full of books and his father would from time to time come across an interesting antiquarian find. Adam wrote his first quote for his father when he was eleven. While he considers himself a generalist, his passion grew out of early printing and manuscripts and his enthusiasm is fueled by finding fresh material and the stories it can elucidate. Adam joined the ABAA in 2017 and operates out of New York City. He specializes in fine, interesting, and important individual rare books and manuscripts in all fields, but particularly in books before 1800, incunabula, early Bibles (pre-1800), manuscripts (pre-1900) and books on travel and exploration. ABAA Member Since 2017. Interviewed by Michael Ginsberg on November 17, 2018 at the Boston International Antiquarian Book Fair.

Adam Weinberger Rare Books