Irving Zucker

Irving Zucker joined “the greatest profession in the world” as a teenager sweeping floors in a bookshop. However, through his those intuition, knowledge, and uncanny energy, Irving quickly transitioned from sweeping floors to selling collections of clip art and type specimens to artists and the advertising trade. By the 1950s Irving had formed his own firm and expanded from the applied arts into modern art masters and became known for his unique collections of Modern Illustrated Books. Sadly, Irving Zucker passed away in May 2009, just five weeks short of his 90th birthday. Today, Irving Zucker Art Books is owned and managed by Irving’s grandson, Matthew Zucker, a member of the ABAA. Irving Zucker Art Books operates out of New York City and specializes in Illustrated Books, French Modern Illustrated Books, Natural History, Art (Applied and Decorative), Art Deco and Nouveau, Architecture, and Livres d’Artistes. ABAA Member from 1968 until his death in 2009. Interviewed by Michael Ginsberg.

Zucker Art Books