Richard Loomis

Richard Loomis spent time in Sierra Leone as a member of the Peace Corps before settling in Maine. Richard worked in banking for 12 years and was an avid book collector. Slowly, his collecting transitioned to selling, and in 1982 he established Sumner & Stillman and became a full-time bookseller. Sumner & Stillman operates out of Yarmouth, ME and specializes in 19th & Early 20th Century Literary First Editions: Conrad, Dickens, Doyle, Hardy, James, Kipling, London, Stevenson, Trollope, Twain, Verne, Wells, Wilde, etc. ABAA Member since 1984. Interviewed by Michael Ginsberg on April 5, 2014 at the New York International Antiquarian Book Fair.

Sumner & Stillman