Dan Dwyer

Before becoming a rare bookseller, Dan Dwyer held a number of interesting positions. He started out in politics, working as a research assistant for the first Senate Committee that investigated federal intelligence operations and then as an advanceman for Carter's 1976 campaign. Following Carter's election, Dan worked for the White House press office and, later in the administration, for a Carter-sponsored public and private sector initiative. He took a break from politics while working for CBS Inc. for several years, but threw his hat back in the political sphere in the 1990s when he ran twice for Connecticut State Senate. It was during this time that Dan began collecting books. Before long, he was selling them, and Johnnycake Books was born. Johnnycake Books Inc. is located in Salisbury, CT and specializes in Architecture, Applied & Decorative Arts, Literature, Gardens, Horticulture, and Modern Art. ABAA Member since 2006. Interviewed by Michael Ginsberg on February 16, 2013 at the California International Antiquarian Book Fair in San Francisco.

Johnnycake Books Inc.