James Goldwasser

James Goldwasser entered the rare book trade in 1982 when he began working for the well-known dealer Glenn Horowitz. After working for Glenn Horowitz for ten years, James decided to return to school in pursuit of a PhD in German Literature, which he received from Princeton University. Even during his studies, James remained active in the trade through participation in his brother Thomas Goldwasser’s rare book business. He founded Locus Solus Rare Books with other ABAA dealers in 2000 but eventually bought them out and became a sole proprietor. Locus Solus Rare Books, Ltd operates out of Los Angeles, CA and specializes in Rare Books, Literary First Editions, Art and Illustrated, Poetry, Continental Literature, Signed and Inscribed, Fine Printing, Rare Periodicals, Appraisal and Professional Placement of Significant Archives. ABAA Member since 2005. Interviewed by Michael Ginsberg on April 5, 2014 at the New York International Antiquarian Book Fair.

Locus Solus Rare Books