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Janine graduated with a BA in English and American Literature from New York University, where she also minored in Visual Arts, and later completed the Documentary Photography and Visual Journalism Program at the International Center of Photography. She is an avid photographer, reader, and concert-goer. Janine started working for the ABAA in 2010 and has been Associate Director of the Association since 2011. 

It's common knowledge that Thomas Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence, but did you realize he was also the first American to record a recipe for ice cream? Jefferson's recipe was for vanilla ice cream and he, sadly, did not name it Declaration of Deliciousness (which would be a perfect name if Ben & Jerry's decided to make a tribute flavor!). Precursors to ice cream, often ice mixed with fruits or juices, appeared in ancient Greek, Chinese, and Persian cultures. It's believed that the first milk based icy treat and the earliest device to make a 'ice cream' appeared in China during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD). These frozen iced-based drinks gained popularity in Europe, and in the 17th century it became popular to turn these drinks into frozen desserts. Italians added sugar to the concoction and sorbet (then called sorbetto) ... [more]

UPDATE: RECOVERED, 6/29/15 Reported missing from a private library in Walnut Creek, California -- James Joyce's serialized Ulysses in the LITTLE REVIEW, housed in what sounds like a custom grayish-blue box lettered in gilt on the upper cover "Ulysses by James Joyce." The owner received these as a college graduation present from her father 55 years ago. She cannot speak to completeness/number of issues present or to any distinguishing marks. If you are offered or have any information on these items, please contact the owner, Anne Brown at (925) 788-0664. [more]

Second Story Books in Washington, DC is looking for an experienced bookseller to fill a permanent full-time position in our Dupont Circle store. Shifts would be Sunday through Thursday, from 2-10pm. Compensation will depend upon qualifications and experience. Successful candidate will start right away. Please respond with an email and attached resume to dupontsecondstory@gmail.com. For further information, feel free to contact Eric Passaglia or Britt Law, Monday through Friday, at (202) 659-8884. [more]

The following items were stolen in Baltimore, MD (Federal Hill area) sometime between Dec. 23-28, 2014: Signed letters, some with gold leaf on the letterhead, from various people in the government all pertaining to the Statue of Liberty and the work that was done; Onion skin paper of carbon copies identifying every item used and the price per unit (e.g., x number of screws at x cents/screw, x feet of x wire at x cents/foot, etc.); A bill introduced to Congress to pay Joseph Sanbach or Joseph Schoenbach the $20,000 that was withheld because the work was completed 24 hours past the contract deadline; Pictures of Joseph Sanbach or Joseph Schoenbach with drawings of the Statue of Liberty; Newspaper articles about the work; Newspaper clipping about Joseph Sanbach or Joseph Schoenbach approaching President Hoover at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC ... [more]

The following items were reported missing in San Francisco: A set of Pound's “Inquest” series, published by William Bird, at Three Mountains Press, Paris, 1924 (170 copies of each edition), including, 1. Hemingway, IN OUR TIME 2. Windeler, ELIMUS 3. Ford Madox Ford, WOMEN & MEN 4. Pound, INDISCRETIONS 5. BMG Adams, ENGLAND 6. WC Williams, GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL* * At one time, the first 5 titles were together in a custom slipcase, while #6, Williams' GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL, was kept separately. Seeing the titles in a slipcase (whether 5 or 6) may be an indication that these are the missing books in question. Pound, HOW TO READ. TO Publishers, . Pound's copy, with his penciled corrections. Later ownership signature of poet Ronald Duncan, to whom EP gave it. Poor condition. If you have any information about these items, please contact ABAA ... [more]

The following item was reported missing, possibly stolen from the Washington Antiquarian Book Fair held Friday March 6 and Saturday March 7, 2015: DAILY FLIGHT INSPECTION FORM, dated September 5, 1944, from Roi Island -- SIGNED by Charles Lindbergh. Partially printed "NAVAER-3119 Daily Flight Inspection Form" on yellow paper, 14" x 8". Pilot Lindbergh has placed check marks on the form to verify that the craft (a Vought F4U-1D Corsair) is airworthy, e.g. engine, landing gear, wings, etc. At the end of the form where the pilot is to note any defects, Lindbergh has written "Tower advises 'check radio.' Otherwise OK." and signed. Document creased from folding, and shows some oil stains, but is very legible. If you have any information regarding this item, please contact Allan Stypeck at (301) 770-0477, ext. 13 or research@secondstorybooks.co... [more]

The Petaluma Branch of the Sonoma County Library discovered that an "old and irreplaceable map has disappeared from collection". It is the 1852 'Map of Lands of Petaluma', and probably is the original plat map from the first survey of the settlement. The map is similar to this one held by UC Berkeley: http://content.cdlib.org/ark:/13030/hb8779p17c/ If you know its whereabouts, please contact Kate Keaton at kkeaton@sonoma.lib.ca.us. [more]

Ken Sanders Rare Books released Rare Books Catalogue #48, which features new acquisitions in the fields of Utah & the Mormons, Native & Western Americana, Maps & Photographs, and Illustrated Books & Wordless Novels. Catalogue 48 also offers some fantastic original artworks for sale and an exciting Charles Bukowski archive. The Lawbook Exchange is pleased to announce the publication of Catalogue 78: Recently Acquired Books, Manuscripts & Ephemera. Tavistock Books just published their 2014 Holiday Catalogue. Kuenzig Books offers their latest catalog of 150 items in the areas of science, technology, and photography (especially technical processes). The Philadelphia Rare Books & Manuscripts Company has a number of new arrivals. Margolis & Moss is offering an annotated list of 19th century books on American education and various texts for youn... [more]

UPDATE (12/8/14): BOOKS RECOVERED A package of books has one missing in transit from California to Maine and contained the following items: (San Francisco) Ladies Aid Society of the Baptist Church. *The Baptist Church Cook Book*. First Edition. San Francisco: 1910. (Oakland) *The Ladies' Superior Cook Book*. First Edition. Oakland: Enquirer Publishing, 1899. (San Francisco) *Corona Club Cook Book.* Cloth. First Edition. San Francisco: 1910. (Los Angeles) *California Congress of Parents and Teachers, Los Angeles Tenth District: Tested Recipes*. Los Angeles: 1934. (Kansas) Daughters of the First Presbyterian Church. *Good Things to Eat.* Salina, KS: Padgett's Printing House, 1922. (Arizona) *Presbyterian Ladies' Aid Cook Book.* First Edition. Phoenix: c.1900. (Nebraska) *The Loup City Cook Book: A Collection of Tried Recipes, Compiled by th... [more]

A collector in the Los Angeles area reported the theft of the following item: Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton First Edition (1st Issue) in dust jacket. The book is housed in a blue half leather clamshell box. The dust jacket is unrestored and has a small tape repair on the verso of the jacket near the foot of the spine. A photo of the book is below. If you have any information concerning this book, please contact Mike Hurey at mhurey@kleinberglerner.com or at (310) 871-2646. [more]