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Janine graduated with a BA in English and American Literature from New York University, where she also minored in Visual Arts, and later completed the Documentary Photography and Visual Journalism Program at the International Center of Photography. She is an avid photographer, reader, and concert-goer. Janine started working for the ABAA in 2010 and has been Associate Director of the Association since 2011. 

This item is still missing as of 5/31/2019. A collector in the Los Angeles area reported the theft of the following item: Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton First Edition (1st Issue) in dust jacket. The book is housed in a blue half leather clamshell box. The dust jacket is unrestored and has a small tape repair on the verso of the jacket near the foot of the spine. A photo of the book is below. If you have any information concerning this book, please contact Mike Hurey at mhurey@kleinberglerner.com or at (310) 871-2646. [more Stolen: ‘Age of Innocence’, First Edition in Dust Jacket]

The following item was reported stolen from Monsey, NY on 10/10/14: (Bible in Hebrew) Vocalized text. Integral blanks present. This is 17 parts in 8 volumes. Samll format; 113 x 68mm. 16th century calf with gilt arabesque centerpiece on covers, vellum pastedowns from medieval Latin manuscript (of an abridgment?) of the Sentences of Peter Lombard. From the collection of the Scottish politician bibliophile Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun (1653-1716) with his signature on the title pages. If you have any information regarding this item, please contact Gene Albert at 301-988-6700 (daytime) or 301-331-5060 (evenings). [more Stolen: 8 Volume Hebrew Bible - Second Estienne Hebrew Bible]

The Lawbook Exchange just issued an E-List: Blackstone: 30 Items, inspired by the recent publication of Ann J. Laeuchli's Bibliographical Catalog of William Blackstone. Lowry-James Rare Prints & Books announced the publication of Catalogue Number Ten: Charles Livingston Bull. Joslin Hall Rare Books released Catalog #351: A Selection of Jane Yolen's Signed Poetry Broadsides and Catalog 352 - A Selection of Books & Ephemera for October. Margolis & Moss offers a list of 48 Portfolios of Prints, Photographs, Private Press Books, and Multiples. Rulon-Miller Books has a short list of recent acquisitions. Quill & Brush is offering a comprehensive collection of Eudora Welty material. Jeff Maser's latest arrivals include a collection of works by Simon Cutts among other interesting material. Kaaterskill Books published Catalogue 19: Latin Americana... [more October Catalogue and List Announcements]

ILAB is coordinating a series of Pop-Up Book Fairs across the world for UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day on April 23, 2015. The two organizations have created an offiial partnership for the event and ILAB is asking as many members as possible to organize and attend as many pop-up fairs as possible. Former President of the ABA Laurence Worms describes the envisioned pop-ups: “Some booksellers, some books, some tables and a big sign. Just liaise with ILAB on the publicity. No-one has to travel far or be away from base for too long. They can last all day or just an hour or two. Imagination and invention are the only limitations.” For more information, contact ILAB Committee Member Sally Burdon. Bridwell Library is pleased to announce the opening of two exhibitions on site and online this fall. "Welcome Additions" highlights fifty rare... [more Endnotes: Rare Books News & Events]

Rock Toews (Back Creek Books LLC) is a key player in determining whether a Maryland area slated for development was the site of a Civil War parole camp. Priscilla Juvelis contributed a chapter to an upcoming book on William T. Vollmann entitled William T. Volmann: A Critical Companion. Don Lindgren of Rabelais Inc. is interviewed for Eater's piece on 72 Ways Food Can Change the World. He is in good company with Alice Waters, Jose Andres, and Danny Meyer, to name a few of the other interviewees. An interview with Leonard Fox on fashion illustration appeared in the September issue of Traditional Home magazine. Kevin Mac Donnell contributed the third chapter to the recently published Collecting, Curating and Researching Writer's Libraries, A Handbook edited by Richard Oram and Joseph Nicholson (Rowman & Littlefield, 2014). An excerpt was pos... [more New Antiquarians in the News]

As if the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant's (ISIL; also referred to as IS, ISIS, and Daesh) actions weren't troubling enough, last week the US Department of State reported on the irrevocable damage the terror organization continues to wreak on cultural artifacts in Iraq and Syria. The destruction goes beyond wartime collateral damage– ISIL is celebrating their destruction of religious monuments and profiting from the systematic looting taking place. Corine Wegener, a cultural heritage preservationist at the Smithsonian Institution, called the current situation "one of the biggest problems to confront the cultural heritage community in decades." Secretary of State John Kerry joined Thomas Campbell, Director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in hosting a conference last week at the Met to call attention to the issue. Some remarks fr... [more Destruction of Cultural Artifacts in Iraq and Syria]

This item is still missing as of 5/29/2019. The following item has been reported stolen from a personal library in Texas: Lady Chatterley's Lover by D.H. Lawrence First Edition. Signed and numbered, No 249. If you have any information reagding this item, please contact Shannon Dorsey at (512) 922-2185 or shannonrose.dorsey@gmail.com. [more Stolen: Signed First Edition of ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’]

We are thrilled to announce that the winners of this year's National Collegiate Book Collecting Contest: First Prize: Katya Soll, University of Kansas, Dictatorship, Recovery, and Innovation: Contemporary Theatre of the Southern Cone Second Prize: Hanna Kipnis King, Swarthmore College, "Plucked from a holy book": Ashkenazim on the margins Third Prize: Audrey Golden, University of Virginia, Pablo Neruda and the Global Politics of Poetry First Prize Katya Soll, Dictatorship, Recovery and Innovation: Contemporary Theater of the Southern Cone Missouri native Katya Soll is a doctoral candidate in Theatre and Spanish at the University of Kansas. Her collection focuses on how theater has been a conduit through which citizens in South America's Southern Cone have protested, absorbed, and recovered from dictatorship and oppression. Many parts of t... [more National Collegiate Book Collecting Contest Announces 2014 Winners]

ABAA member Raymond Smith (R.W. Smith Bookseller) recently published In Time We Shall Know Ourselves, a book of 52 photographs taken during his three-month road trip through the Eastern half of the United States in 1974. Publication of the book coincided with a traveling exhibition of the photographs that commenced at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts in June. The exhibition will be on display at the Hickory Museum of Art from October 4, 2014-January 4, 2015; the Museum of Contemporary Art in Jacksonville, FL from April 23-August 23, 2015; and finally at the Georgia Museum of Art from October 25, 2015-January 3, 2016. In addition to the 52 photographs printed in duotone, In Time We Shall Know Ourselves also includes three critical essays, Richard H. King's “Mirror with a Memory”; Alexander Nemerov's “First and Last: The Sequence of... [more Photography Book by Raymond Smith Published and the Subject of Traveling Exhibition]

Exciting news for all my fellow fans of the Dead and historical musicology! San José State University has announced an upcoming conference and symposium on the Grateful Dead, taking place November 5-8. So Many Roads: The World in the Grateful Dead, A Conference & Symposium "represents the culmination of five decades of academic work on the Grateful Dead phenomenon, and demonstrates how scholarly understanding of the Grateful Dead leads to broader understanding of a host of associated literary, historical, artistic, and social contexts and issues." According to Dead.net, there will be 50+ speakers participating in the conference– a mix of academics, band family members and associates, journalists, artists, musicians, and authors. The Grateful Dead's influence has been far-reaching across a variety of disciplines and panels will explore ... [more Conference and Symposium on the Grateful Dead]