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Nick Ostdick is a husband, runner, writer, and craft beer enthusiast based in Western Illinois. He currently works for ABAA member Books Tell You Why, Inc.

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Five Los Angeles Writers

By Nick Ostdick

It's a town well-known for the Silver Screen—a place where dreamers flock in search of stardom, celebrity, fame, and fortune. But beyond the glitz and glam of Hollywood Boulevard, Rodeo Drive, and movie studio backlots, the City of Angels possesses a rich, complex literary history that transcends genres, styles, and aesthetics. While perhaps not quite the powerhouse of arts and letters as some of the city's East Coast rivals, L.A. has been home to some of the most creative, interesting, and influential writers of the last century. But much like the city itself—a burgeoning, diverse metropolis of different cultures, traditions, and enclaves—discovering L.A.'s fertile literary history requires a little digging, and to truly appreciate the city's place in the American literary cannon, one must be willing to steer clear of the Hollywood... [more Five Los Angeles Writers]