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The 1960s was a decade of both discovery and protest, riots and revolutions, from anti-war marches, assassinations of world leaders, man's first landing on the moon, and the birth of a new brand of music led by The Beatles. Change was in the air and nowhere was it more obvious than in modern China with the outbreak of the Cultural Revolution in August 1966. But more than two years earlier, before ... [more]

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By Susan Benne

Tune in, turn on, drop out. Excerpts from the Acid Test by GRATEFUL DEAD and Ken Kesey First Edition Offered by: Ken Lopez Bookseller, ABAA Seller Inventory #: 029100 Edition: First Edition Publisher: Sound City Productions Place: San Francisco Date published: Description: San Francisco: Sound City Productions. . The first recording by the Grateful Dead, who had been known as the Warlocks about a ... [more]

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