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Missing from Prescott, Arizona


These items are still missing as of 6/14/2019. The following books have gone missing from a locked display case at the Cortez Street Emporium, in Prescott, Arizona, sometime between May 9th and May 25th: MacDonald, Ross (Kenneth Millar). The Blue Hammer (Author's Proof Copy, Annotated). New York; Alfred A. Knopf, 1976. First edition, octavo; an uncorrected proof copy in yellow printed wrappers. Th... [more]

Bookmark and page from 'The Sound and the Fury' color coded Folio Society edition (via Folio Society) While William Faulkner was working on his masterpiece The Sound and the Fury in the 1920s, he corresponded with his editor about how to make the mutli-narrative clearer for readers. "I wish publishing was advanced enough to use colored ink&as I argued with you and Hal in the Speakeasy that day," ... [more]

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