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Last December, the Rare Book and Special Collections Division at The Library of Congress held an excellent symposium on authenticity. “Authenticity,” was a day-long program that looked at one of the most difficult subjects facing libraries, private collectors, and booksellers today -- judging the genuineness of printed materials. The symposium focused on the research which curators, scholars, ... [more]

Woven Book of Hours

By Susan Benne

In the video below, ABAA member Dr. Sandra Hindman presents the world's only woven book of hours, produced by J.A. Henry in Lyon for the 1889 World's Fair. By programming the Jacquard loom, Henry was able to weave silk threads into punch-cardsapproximately 400 threads per square inch! In addition to being an interesting art object, the book also intrigues technology buffs and historians: the punc... [more]

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