Bookseller Interviews

 A few years ago, Michael Ginsberg embarked upon an archival journey for the ABAA. Recognizing the absence of member histories in the ABAA annals, Michael began conducting video interviews of members at our three annual fairs. The interviews cover members' personal histories as well as their involvement in the rare book trade. The ABAA extends many thanks to Michael, as well as Taylor Bowie, who has also conducted a number of interviews.
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Ronald Cozzi was an avid amateur chess player and his entry into the trade was as a collector of chess books. He began working for booksellers and after receiving encouragement and knowledge from fellow members of the trade, Ronald opened his own shop. Ronald became a member of the ABAA in 1995. Old Editions Book Shop operates out of Buffalo, NY and specializes in Modern Illustrated Books, Photography, Prints & Drawings, Masonic, and Old and Rare Books.

Thomas Boss originally trained as a musician at Boston University. He began working in bookshops and collecting books during his time as an undergraduate. A few years after graduating, Thomas formed his own book business. He became a member of the ABAA in 1989. Thomas G. Boss Fine Books operates out of Boston, MA and specializes in the 1890s, Fine Bindings, Illustrated Books, Fine Printing, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Bookplates, Books about Books, Original Art, and Posters.

David and Denise Carlson met on a cruise. It was their mutual interest in auctions that brought them into the rare books business: when one lot of books they bought immediately resulted in interest and offers well above their purchase price D & D Galleries was born. David became a member of the ABAA in 1989. D & D Galleries operates out of Somerville, NJ and specializes in Bindings, American & English Literature, Lewis Carroll, Association Copies, and Charles Dickens.

Claudia Strauss-Schulson developed a love and appreciation for autographs while obtaining her undergraduate degree in History from George Washington University. Her late husband David Schulson founded David Schulson Autographs in 1974 and Claudia was deeply involved with the business since its inception, even while teaching history and education at the university level. Claudia’s husband David became a member of the ABAA in 1992, and she became an Associate member shortly thereafter. Claudia became a full member of the ABAA in 2010. Schulson Autographs operates out of Milburn, NJ and specializes in Autographs: Literature, Arts, Science, History, World Leaders, Music and Dance, Classic Film, Theater, Judaica.

Garrett Scott’s first encounter with rare books occurred when he took a student job at Stanford University’s Special Collections library. He quickly fell in love with the rare book world and became determined to make a career of it. Garrett worked for ABAA member John Crichton’s Brick Row Book Shop for seven years before grew up a collector (non-book). Each new collection opened a new door on the world for him, and his enthusiasm kept him moving through them until he encountered rare books in the special collections of Stanford Library. He learned the trade working at Brick Row, and established his own book business in 1998. Garrett became a member of the ABAA in 2004 Garrett operates out of Ann Arbor, MI and specializes in First Editions in 19th & Early 20th Century Eccentric Religious Movements, Popular Entertainments, Literature and Americana, Books & Pamphlets Bought and Sold.

Daniel Weinberg got his first job in a bookstore while pursuing a degree in History. He enjoyed the trade and became a partner of the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop in 1971 and became the sole proprietor in 1984. Dan became a member of the ABAA in 1993. Abraham Lincoln Book Shop, Inc. operates out of Chicago, IL and specializes in American Political/Military History, Lincolniana, Civil War, Presidents, Autographs, and Photographs.

James Goldwasser entered the rare book trade in 1982 when he began working for the well-known dealer Glenn Horowitz. After working for Glenn Horowitz for ten years, James decided to return to school in pursuit of a PhD in German Literature, which he received from Princeton University. Even during his studies, James remained active in the trade through participation in his brother Thomas Goldwasser’s rare book business. He founded Locus Solus Rare Books with other ABAA dealers in 2000 but eventually bought them out and became a sole proprietor. James became a full member of the ABAA in 2005. Locus Solus Rare Books, Ltd operates out of Los Angeles, CA and specializes in Rare Books, Literary First Editions, Art and Illustrated, Poetry, Continental Literature, Signed and Inscribed, Fine Printing, Rare Periodicals, Appraisal and Professional Placement of Significant Archives.

It was by chance that Terry Halladay entered the antiquarian book trade, but what began as a job quickly turned into a career. Terry began working for the William Reese Company in 1981 and became an Associate member of the ABAA in 1983. The William Reese Company operates out of New Haven, CT and specializes in Americana of All Periods & Areas, Atlases & Maps, English, American & Continental Literature, Natural History, Travel, Voyages.

Jonathan Hill’s start in the trade was a summer job working for an antiquarian book dealer. He enjoyed the work and over the next few years Jonathan worked for and learned from a number of different dealers. He established his own business in 1976 and became a member of the ABAA in 1979. Jonathan A. Hill, Bookseller, Inc. operates out of New York, NY and specializes in Science & Technology, Natural History, Bibliography, Medicine, and Early Printed Books.

Seth Kaller grew up participating in his family’s business Myron Kaller & Associates, purveyors of rare stamps and coins. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 1988, Seth started his own business as a specialist in antiquarian books and manuscripts. Over the years he has become one of the top Americana specialists in the country and has handled numerous one-of-a-kind items. Seth became a member of the ABAA in 1999. Seth Kaller, Inc. operates out of White Plains, NY and specializes in American History: Important Content Letters & Documents from the Revolution and Founding to the Civil War and Reconstruction.

Richard Loomis spent time in Sierra Leone as a member of the Peace Corps before settling in Maine. Richard worked in banking for 12 years and was an avid book collector. Slowly, his collecting transitioned to selling, and in 1982 he established Sumner & Stillman and became a full-time bookseller. Richard became a member of the ABAA in 1984. Sumner & Stillman operates out of Yarmouth, ME and specializes in 19th & Early 20th Century Literary First Editions: Conrad, Dickens, Doyle, Hardy, James, Kipling, London, Stevenson, Trollope, Twain, Verne, Wells, Wilde, etc.

John P. Lubrano left his homeland of Australia in the late 1960s and came to the U.S. to attend college. He met his wife Jude while attending Cornell, and despite returning to Australia to pursue a degree in music, John settled in the U.S. and founded J. & J. Lubrano Music Antiquarians with Jude in 1977. John became a member of the ABAA in 1981. J. & J. Lubrano Music Antiquarians operates out of Syosset, NY and specializes in Musical Autographs & Manuscripts, Rare Books on Music & Dance, First & Early Editions of Printed Music, Prints, Drawings, and Ephemera Relating to Music and Dance.

Howard Rootenberg joined the family business in 1991 after 15 years of practicing law. His mother Barbara founded B. & L. Rootenberg Rare Books and Manuscripts in the mid 1960s and she became a member of the ABAA in 1977. Howard became a member of the Association In 2000. B. & L. Rootenberg Rare Books and Manuscripts operates out of Sherman Oaks, CA and specializes in Early Printed Books, Science, Medicine, Natural History, Darwin & Evolution, Travel, Voyages, Exploration, Americana, Mathematics, and Literature.

Larry McMurtry is most widely known as an accomplished author, but his involvement in the literary field began when he started scouting rare books in the 1950s and 1960s. Even during his career as a writer and professor, he taught English and creative writing at Rice University, Larry continued his involvement in the rare book trade and opened up his own shop, Booked Up, in 1970. Larry became a member of the ABAA in 1974. Larry is the author of numerous novels and essays, and penned several screenplays including 'Brokeback Mountain' for which he won an Academy Award. His novel 'Lonesome Dove' was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Literature in 1986. Booked Up operates out of Archer City, TX and specializes in Literature, Travel, First Editions, and General Antiquarian books.

Robert Gavora originally participated in the field of rare books as a collector, but he was inspired by ABAA member Ralph Sipper and decided to begin selling as a career. Robert founded Robert Gavora, Fine and Rare Books in 1984 and became a member of the ABAA in 1991. Robert Gavora, Fine and Rare Books operates out of Talent, OR, and specializes in Railroad, Transportation, Illustrated Children's Books, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Supernatural, Horror, and Arkham House.
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