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Marc Kuritz is the proprietor of Churchill Book Collector, specializing in material by and about the iconic twentieth century statesman perhaps less well-known as a prolific and gifted author who won the Nobel Prize in Literature. Beyond its namesake specialty, CBC offers collectible editions that word a diversity of fertile minds, from T. E. Lawrence to Robert Frost. Marc says many things compelled him into the book trade, but the final push was parenthood: "Unlike children, good books stay where you put them, cultivate humility without humiliating you in public, and are patient while you try to figure them out.

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When I hear contemporary politicians invoke Churchill, I usually feel like I'm watching King Louie, the Orangutan who wants to be a man, sing “I wanna be like you” in the 1967 Disney version of The Jungle Book. “You!” sings King Louie, “I wanna be like you I wanna talk like you Walk like you, too” Yeah. Not so much. If you happen to draw a comparison between King Louis and another loud, big-headed, oddly orange, wanna-be-king with impulse control issues and destructive inclinations, well, that's up to you. I refer you to another Disney movie. Cinderella. If the shoe fits… But I digress. “I'm tired of monkeyin' around!” Sure, there's a lot of ways in which most of those who self-flatteringly invoke Churchill fall short. Intelligence. Eloquence, Historical perspective. Foresight. Principle. Conviction. Courage. General cap... [more Two Pugnacious Personalities]