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Joyce Kosofsky's career in the trade began in the 1970s when she was hired by Brattle Book Shop. Joyce is still at Brattle today overseeing all of the shop's daily operations. She has written a number of articles related to books and the trade, and also appears as an appraiser on the popular PBS program Antiques Roadshow

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Things have changed in the Boston since the first ABAA Boston Book Fair was launched. And in a profession that deals in the old, change can be a good thing. There were shops that were within walking distance from each other. Others were a short subway ride or car ride away. And while we're going down memory lane, let's include Cambridge and a suburb or two. (Greg, Gloucester is not a suburb of Boston, but I'll mention you anyway). Back in the day (let's use the first ABAA Boston Book Fair as a reference point), there was Brattle, Goodspeed's, Starr, Sam Morrill, F.A. Bernett, Temple Bar, The Bromers, Mike Ginsberg, Robin Bledsoe, Ernie Morrell, the O'Neals (David and Mary,) the O'Neills (Jimmy and Gene), and Harold Burstein. Change came about in a variety of ways. Goodspeed's lost momentum during the 1990s. As a result, George closed the ... [more Changes: The Boston Bookstore Scene]