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Patti and Craig Graham opened their first bookstore 1978 in Santa Monica, California. The next year we moved to the famous/infamous Westwood Blvd. Booksellers' Row. Over the years we have hosted hundreds of book signings, readings, published books, sold books and written books. The most famous book we published was the 50th anniversary signed limited edition of FAHRENHEIT 451 by Ray Bradbury illustrated by Ralph Steadman.

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Over eight years ago, Vagabond Books, located in Pasadena, CA, got a call from a woman named Ellen. She explained that she was the Propmaster for a new show, Mad Men, on AMC and asked if we could find contemporary books for them. For the past seven seasons, we have provided hundreds of vintage hardcover and softcover books for the show including: The Godfather, Slaughterhouse Five, Wall Street Jungle, Valley of the Dolls, Portnoy's Complaint, six Jewish Prayer books from 1969 for a funeral, Sally's school books, children's books, and Betty's Freud paperback for college. The producers required that all the books be historically correct, tied specifically to the year portrayed in the show, and in like-new condition. Every year we sold them many boxes of books published in the year they were filming. This arrangement led us on many fun and i... [more Finding Books for Mad Men]