Started bookselling in Frederick MD in September 1980 after taking a “summer job” prior to grad school at Book Alcove Gaithersburg. Bought out his silent partner in 1983 and renamed it Wonder Book & Video. Currently three brick and mortar locations (Frederick, Hagerstown, Gaithersburg). Started selling online in 1997. Joined the ABAA in 2003. Currently offering 2 million plus used and collectible books, LPs and media online at WonderBook.com from our Frederick warehouse. Featured in NYT, WaPo, Public Radio/On the Media, Span etc. Blogs weekly at WonderBookBlog.com

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It is January 4, 2019. Payroll Friday. This morning I stopped into my accountant's office to pick up the checks. I signed a number of forms and checks for the various taxes and fees and other government necessities that were due. I've been going in to that building almost every other Friday for 35 years. Before that I calculated the taxes for the few employees I had myself. That would be impossible today. The complexity has become legend. I can't imagine starting a business from scratch today—with no experience. In the last couple of weeks, we've been setting up sale tax accounts in over 30 states. Insanity. Payroll Fridays: 35 x 26 weeks per year = 910 visits. Occasionally I've asked someone else to pick up the payroll. But I'm sure with my other visits for various reasons, I have crossed that threshold over a thousand times. I love th... [more Dandelion Wine]