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Stuart Lutz is a dealer and appraiser of historic documents, letters and manuscripts based in New Jersey.  He can often be seen on Pawn Stars advising Rick Harrison on price and authenticity of documents that come in the shop.

Selections from Member's stock

The Vietnam War was America's most influential event from 1950 to 2000. The conflict, more than any other contemporary occurrence, changed American society, foreign policy, politics and the military. Although I grew up after the war ended, I have always had an interest in the conflict and how it affected the United States. I wrote my college thesis on the use of Old Glory before, during, and after the Vietnam War era. A rare Ho Chi Minh signed photograph, taken at a Soviet airport. Based on my curiosity, I have, for the past fifteen years, been collecting all aspects of the Vietnam War – posters, letters home written by soldiers and prominent people, photographs, books, flags, buttons, medals, pamphlets, and much more. There are now thousands of items in my archive and growing daily. A few highlights of my collection include: A rare Ho ... [more Collecting Vietnam War Memorabilia]