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ABAA member Tom Nealon (Pazzo Books) specializes in early printed books and cookbooks, and has drawn on his knowledge of these areas to write a book on the history of food and its vital influence on the course of human history, Food Fights and Culture Wars: A Secret History of Taste. In this brief introduction, Tom Nealon explains what drew him to early cookbooks and food is connected with arcane ... [more]

The New Orleans Public Library and the Southern Food and Beverage Museum (SoFAB) have partnered to open the largest culinary library in the South. The two organizations have been in talks about the project since 2010, but the museum had to be "mature enough to acquire a building", said SoFAB president Liz Williams. The museum currently has over 9,000 cookbooks, menus, recipes, archival documents,... [more]

There are only two days left before the NY Antiquarian Book Fair opens to the public! In addition to the more than 200 exhibitors coming in from all parts of the country and the world, collectors and book lovers will be coming to NYC for the fair. Refreshments will be offered on the show floor, but below are a few recommendations for a variety of nearby restaurants. Bon appetit! For a nice meal&..... [more]

Below is a video of renowned chef Daniel Boulud talking about his favorite items from his rare book collection. Chef Boulud began collecting as a young chef, and his library currently houses thousands of volumes. Thanks to Gilt Taste for posting this video! Reading about Eating from Gilt Taste on Vimeo. [more]

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