NCBCC Prizes

Collection Prizes

Prizes will be awarded to the both the winning students and the libraries of the winning students. Libraries are encouraged, but not required, to use their prize money to support future book collecting contests at their institutions by increasing available prizes, hosting banquets or receptions for entrants to future contents, sponsoring contest alumni gatherings, or other similar activities.

First          $2,500

Library: $1,000

Second     $1,000 

Library: $500

Third        $500

Library: $250

Essay: Bibliography Contest

In addition, a separate essay-bibliography prize of $500 will be awarded to the most outstanding essay and annotated bibliography submitted each year. The first prizewinner each year is not eligible for the essay prize, but the second and third place winners may be awarded both prizes. 

Awards Ceremony

The top three prizewinners will be invited to the awards ceremony at the Library of Congress.  The sponsors will provide transportation and accommodation expenses for those contestants.

The Grolier Club is pleased to offer NCBCC winners a year's free membership in America's oldest and largest society for book collectors. Your passion for the book as object, and your innovative approach to collecting, resonates strongly with the Grolier Club's bibliophile membership, and your fellow members look forward to meeting you, and learning more about your collecting and scholarly activities. Your award membership is deemed to run from the date of this letter through October 30, 2016; should you choose to continue formal membership after that date, we will be happy to advise you on the admissions process. Privileges of Grolier Club membership include invitations to members-only events, gratis copies of Grolier exhibition checklists published from time to time in the course of the coming year, and member discounts on other Grolier Club publications. In addition, your NCBCC award membership entitles you to participate in those Grolier Club events and outings carrying a fee of $300 or less, free of charge, as our guest. An events calendar, our Handbook for Members, and other useful material is enclosed. I call your attention particularly to the events of Bibliography Week, January 25-30, 2016. The Club's Annual Meeting; a gathering much looked forward to by the membership is held during this week, and there are lots of other opportunities to meet and socialize with fellow collectors. Although member RSVPs are not required for some Club events, your Grolier colleagues and I would appreciate knowing whenever you might be able to join us, so that we can make you welcome, and introduce you to members with similar interests.


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