Winners: 2017

We thank all who submitted applications. Once again, the ABAA is delighted to be a part of the contest.

Without further ado, the 2017 Winners of the National Collegiate Book Collecting Contest are:

1st Place  
  Alexander M. Koch, The Breath and Breadth of the Maine Woods
  Unity College

2nd Place 
  Mark Gallagher, A New Spirit of Truth: The Writings of the American  Transcendentalists

3rd Place 
  Xavier González, “Books That Count”  Books and DVDs Calculated to Inspire    Children and Young Adults to Explore the Wonderful World of  Mathematics
  Harvard University

Essay Winner
  Sarah Linton, “THE FICTION WE HAVE BECOME”  William Gibson’s  Uncertain Future and the Cyberpunk Revolution
  Johns Hopkins University

The judges were very impressed with the submitted collections and wish to thank all who participated.  The Awards Ceremony will take place at the Library of Congress, James Madison Building, Montpelier Room on Friday, October 20th at 5:30pm. The event is free and open to public.