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Feuillet's 'Le Sphinx'

By Janine Moodhe

This item was still missing as of May 29, 2019. FEUILLET, Octave. Le Sphinx. Drame en Quatre Actes. Paris: Michel Levy Freres. Illustrated. Octavo, full green morocco with blue and red morocco inlays,... [more]

A box of Michener books was stolen this past weekend.  Volumes included: MICHENER, James. ALASKA. Random, First Edition. Hardcover. Signed. Fine FIRST EDITION SIGNED LIMITED. Number 716 of 1000. Fine... [more]

This item was still reported missing as of May 29, 2019. Othello, The Moor of Venice. A Tragedy, Revised by J. P. Kemble. As Performed at the Theatres Covent Garden, New York and Boston. First America... [more]

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