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Browse the latest catalogs, newsletters, and e-lists of rare books, fine bindings, incunabula, print ephemera, and much more from the members of the ABAA below. (Also includes podcasts, blogs posts, and other digital formats.) *New* indicates any catalogs added this week. AARDVARK BOOKS/EZRA THE BOOKFINDER Recent Acquisitions CHARLES AGVENT Walt Whitman Spring Miscellany -- Early Baseball, Travel,... [more]

Books of the Week

By Rich Rennicks

We're debuting a new recurring feature this week, in which I detail the top items that caught my eye as I perused new listings on the website and new catalogs announced by members. This is no more than a reflection of my idiosyncrasies, interests, and unfailing ability to be distracted by colorful photos and vintage adverts, but hopefully they will highlight the range of amazing books and other it... [more]

A short list of catalogs describing the rare books and ephemera ABAA members will be exhibiting at the 2016 Boston International Antiquarian Book Fair at Boston's Hynes Convention Center over the weekend of October 28-30. Lorne Bair Rare Books Booth 106 F.A. Bernett (.pdf auto download) Booth 527 Eclectibles Both 227 Donald A. Heald Booth 314 (Addendum...) Liber Antiquus, Early Printed Books & Man... [more]

Rare Book Catalogs

By Rich Rennicks

We humans are a superstitious bunch. Some touch wood frequently, others mutter about rabbits on the first day of each month, and apparantly a large number wear particular socks or T-shirts in the pursuit of that most ephemeral of things, luck. Do book collectors have particular rituals or superstitions regarding visits to a rare bookstore or the examination of rare book catalogs? We're sure you do... [more]

Every month, ABAA members release catalogs and electronic lists highlighting their new acquisitions and showcasing books and ephemera on various themes. Serious collectors peruse these catalogs immediately, ever on the lookout for books they covet for their personal collections. We invite you to examine the latest catalogs linked below, and contact the dealer if anything catches your eye. (Note: t... [more]

The latest catalogs from ABAA members have landed just in time for summer. ARTISAN BOOKS & BINDERY Maritime History -- focuses on the age of sail. The National Park Service: A Centennial Catalog BACK OF BEYOND BOOKS To receive a monthly list of new acquisitions, primarily concerning the American West, sign up here... LORNE BAIR RARE BOOKS Elist 14 -- 45 interesting new items selected from a large ... [more]

Bolerium Books look at Cuba, in Revolution & in Exile... Bromer Booksellers publish Catalog 144. James Cummins Booksellers unveil their latest acquisitions in Catalogue 131... Honey & Wax Booksellers present their first Micro Catalog: Illustrated Classics... From Joseph J. Felcone, Inc., a short list of Americana before 1861: 133 books and pamphlets, and a few manuscripts and graphics, 1695-1860. ... [more]

New Catalogs: March

By Rich Rennicks

March is the month some of us emerge (relatively speaking) from hibernation after winter. The rare book experts of the ABAA have been spending their long, dark winter nights appraising private libraries, researching unusual items, and cataloging their latest acquisitions. The fruits of these winter labors can be seen at upcoming book fairs (such as the April's 56th Annual New York Antiquarian Book... [more]

Another month, another wave of catalogs from ABAA-member booksellers. From large printed catalogs to short electronic lists, check out the links below to survey the latest acquisitions offered for sale by ABAA members... The latest catalogs from Artisan Books & Bindery can be found here... Get your motor running with Kings of Speed & Asphalt Demons: Motorcycles & Their Riders the new catalog from ... [more]

New Rare Book Catalogs

By Rich Rennicks

October is the season of leaf peeping. Some dress warmly and do their leaf peeping in scenic beautyspots, other relax in a comfy armchair and examine the leaves of rare book catalogs (either in printed form or through their electronic device of choice). This month's crop of new catalogs is as colorful and overwhelming as any fall vista. Antipodean Books, Maps & Prints present Elist 19: Maps, Manus... [more]

New Rare Book Catalogs

By Rich Rennicks

For some, September is the busiest time of the year, with children heading back to school, the pressure mounting at work to hit end-of-year targets, and the holiday season lurking just around the corner. For others, it's the last hurrah of balmy summer days and outdoor pursuits before the cold of winter descends. For booksellers, it's a time of quickening; new students are dropping in to check out... [more]

The latest rare book catalogs and electronic list announcements from ABAA members for August 2015. Anderson Butler Rare Books is pleased to announce their first E-list: Time and Other Interests. Bolerium Books issues Trans, a sampling of their stock of transgender and transsexual materials, and Zines, which includes many gay and lesbian publications, zines by people of color, photocopied comix, an... [more]

The latest rare book catalogs and electronic list announcements from ABAA members in July 2015. Athena Rare Books get philosophical with List 15: 18th Century Philosophy & Medicine and List 16: Twenty-One First Edition Works by Nietzsche. Andrew Cahan: Bookseller, Ltd. reveal their new E-List #28: Summer 2015, "a group of 51 items from exhibitions arranged by Alfred Stieglitz." Brian Cassidy, Book... [more]

New Catalogs

By Rich Rennicks

The latest catalogs and elist announcements from ABAA members for June 2015: Biblioctopus invites you to "Play"... Bromer Booksellers unveils Catalog 21. James Cummins Bookseller releases Catalog 127. Eclectibles offers e-list16: Miscellany: Funerary & Other Advertising, Israel & Palestine Travel, HRH Prince Henry of Prussia. Jeffrey D. Mancevice, Inc. presents a new catalog of recent acquisitions... [more]

Little Sages Books has unleashed several microlists in recent weeks: 1.0: Monsters, Men and Memory Anarchy, Socialism, Poetry and Race Positive Voices Travel in Dreams and Waking Buddenbrooks, Inc. turn the spotlight on Knights, Cavaliers and Swashbucklers: A Dashing Selection of Chivalrous Books. Rulon-Miller Books issue a Short List of Recent Acquisitions. The Colophon Book Shop of New Hampshire... [more]

There are a great many new catalogs and electronic lists from ABAA members this month showcasing their latest acquisitions. This is the first place antiquarian booksellers list their wares, so make sure you read these catalogs carefully. You never know what treasures they may contain. Bromer Booksellers present two catalogs: Catalog 140, a collection of new acquisitions, and a collection of work b... [more]

Many ABAA members are exhibiting at the New York Antiquarian Book Fair this week (April 9-12, 2015. Here are the catalogs of what many of these dealers are exhibiting. (This page will be updated during the week as more are announced). Athena Rare Books (Booth E41) Lorne Bair Rare Books (Booths E33/35) F. A. Bernett Books (Booth D4) Donald A. Heald Rare Books (plus an Addendum) (Booth C1) Eclectibl... [more]

March sees a bumper crop of new catalogs and lists announced by ABAA members: A Selection of Rare Books, Literary First Editions, Fine Printing, Manuscripts, Letters, and Art is issued jointly by Thomas A. Goldwasser Rare Books and James S. Jaffe Rare Books. R & A Petrilla, Booksellers & Appraisers present Photographic Viewbooks (.pdf download): 19th- & 20th-century views of small towns and cities... [more]

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