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The idea of the beach read encapsulates how most people seem to regard reading in the 21st century: a solitary activity, preferably performed in a comfortable place, and accompanied by an alcoholic beverage. Modern readers display their bona fides on Instagram with stylish photos of reading nooks and “still life”-type imagery featuring books (or, I'm sad to note, Kindles and iPads) and beverag... [more]

Who Killed the Book?

By Jeff Weber

Who killed the book? I did. I killed it when I bought a computer. My relationship with the computer has taken over – certainly it's a major distraction. And, I cannot go back. My addiction to the computer was very clear to me when the electricity went out last month during a terrific wind storm, toppling a majestic tree in our neighborhood, being close to downtown Carlsbad. Computer – dead –... [more]

Reading resolutions are becoming more common. Following the VIDA report on the paucity of reviews for books by women versus books by men in national newspapers and magazines, a lot of people resolved to read only women authors in 2014. Others resolved to read only young adult fiction, or to spend a year re-reading their favorite books. I usually tread the well-worn path of reading whatever I feel ... [more]

Underground Library

By Susan Benne

I came across this cool blog called Underground New York Public Library that uses photographs to document what New York subway riders are reading. The blog is of obvious interest to me as a New Yorker, avid reader, and daily subway rider, but I recommend checking it out. Besides providing me with a great place to read, my favorite part of riding the subway is scoping out what other people are rea... [more]

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