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Latest Rare Book Catalogs

By Rich Rennicks

Browse the latest catalogs, newsletters, and e-lists of rare books, fine bindings, incunabula, print ephemera, much more from the members of the ABAA. (Cover image: cover of The Lawbook Exchange's new catalog for the New York Antiquarian Book Fair.) Please note, this list is updated weekly, usually on Wednesdays. *New* indicates any catalogs added this week. We aim to include the most-recent catalog (or catalogs if appropriate) from members, because not every member issues new catalogs every week -- and not every collector can browse this list weekly. CHARLES AGVENT Summer Miscellany 2017 Winter Miscellany ANDERSON BUTLER RARE BOOKS Short E-list #9: Miscellany Short E-list #8: The Occult NICK ARETAKIS January 2018: New Acquisitions November 2017: New Acquisitions ARTISAN BOOKS & BINDERY New Acquisitions: May 2017 Holiday Catalog 2016 ATHENA RARE BOOKS Catalog 18: Women Philosophers California Book Fair 2018 BACK OF BEYOND BOOKS Recent Acquisitions -- list only available to mailing list subscribers. Sign up here... *New* Catalog #19 LORNE BAIR RARE BOOKS A Winter Miscellany Catalog 28: Radicalism & Social Movements (Mostly American) BAUMAN RARE BOOKS Historical Letters and Signed Documents (Newsletter) *New* Romantic Gifts for Valentine's Day (Newsletter) BAY LEAF USED & RARE BOOKS E-list #22: Bookplates Punk B&B RARE BOOKS New Arrivals (Newsletter) STUART BENNETT RARE BOOKS English Libertine LIterature 1652-1843 -- Catalog available by request F.A. BERN... [more]

The New York Antiquarian Book Fair celebrates its 58th year in 2018. From March 8-11, 2018 book lovers will find a fascinating treasure trove at the Park Avenue Armory. Over 200 American and international dealers will exhibit at The ABAA New York International Antiquarian Book Fair, bringing a vast selection of rare books, maps, manuscripts, illuminated manuscripts and ephemera. The diversity of specialties includes art, medicine, literature, photography, autographs, first editions, Americana, and much more. “The best book fair in the world.” – Andy Rooney This book fair is officially sanctioned by the Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America and the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers. This means that the consumer can rely upon the experience and professionalism of participating dealers and the authenticity of the items available for purchase. Simply stated, all books, manuscripts and related material have been carefully examined for completeness and bibliographic accuracy. New York Antiquarian Book Fair When: Thursday, March 8 (5-9pm) — Preview Night! Friday, March 9 (noon-8pm) Saturday, March 10 (noon-7pm) Sunday, March 11 (noon-5pm) Events: Discovery Day, Sunday (1pm-3pm) Bring a treasure to be evaluated by our experts! Free with paid admission to the Fair. Tickets: Preview Pass (Good for the weekend) — $60 (includes one re-admission daily) Daily Admission: $25 Students: $10 (with valid ID) Run of Show: $45 (Student and Run of Show tickets onl... [more]

ABAA members provide a few pointers for beginning collectors who might be considering attending an antiquarian book fair for the first time. Members Lorne Bair, Michael Hackenberg, John Schulman, and John Windle provide some advice gleaned from decades of book fair attendance. Ask Questions/Develop Relationships with the Dealers Veteran bookseller John Windle notes that "a good, close, trusting connection to a dealer will yield the best possible results," so book fairs present a valuable opportunity to get to know many dealers, and let them get to know you and your interests as a collector. Lorne Bair agrees, adding that his "number one piece of advice to beginning collectors attending their first book fair is to ask questions! Antiquarian booksellers as a rule get very few opportunities to talk about their books with people who are genuinely interested. Book fairs are the one environment where they can open up, share their experience and expertise, and communicate with members of the public who share an enthusiasm for what they do." John Schulman of Caliban Book Shop notes that "many exhibitors will bring along stacks of fair lists and their latest catalogs. Even if they don't buy anything, visitors should take copies of these and not be afraid to do so. They make great reading and even other dealers can learn a lot from their colleagues." However, don't mistake the museum-quality artefacts with a museum's explicit invitation to stand around and admire all day. The object of... [more]

On February 8th, at the Book Fair Exhibitor Reception in Pasadena, the ABAA Women's Initiative sponsored the first in a series of tributes to women booksellers who have left a lasting impression on the American trade. Our first honoree was Carol Sandberg, an accomplished career bookseller whose contributions extend beyond the great businesses she helped to build. Carol started bookselling in 1974, when Ken Karmiole hired her fresh out of UCLA library school to join Ben and Lou Weinstein at Heritage Book Shop. In 1985, Carol went into partnership with Michael and Kathleen Thompson at Michael R. Thompson Rare Books, working for more than three decades to make that firm a mainstay of the trade in Los Angeles. At the Pasadena event, Carol's longtime friend and colleague John Windle toasted her as “one of the finest individuals our trade has ever employed,” and shared Chris Loker's tribute to Carol as “a quiet powerhouse in our trade, and a jewel in our crown . . . with the warmest heart and kindest way I know.” Carol's long-standing commitment to California Rare Book School and the Southern California Chapter, organizing events from small seminars to international book fairs, helped create a vibrant community of booksellers and collectors on the West Coast. To her junior colleagues, she has been a generous and inspiring role model. One of those booksellers, Chris Lowenstein, contributed the following memory, read at the reception by ABAA Executive Director Susan Benne: ... [more]

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Meet the Class of 2017

By Rich Rennicks

Meet the newest members and associate members of the Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America. These booksellers have proven that they are well-established, knowledgeable, and of excellent reputation within the trade, have been sponsored by current members, and have undergone a rigorous screening process. Full Members William B. Allison, William Allison Books (Houston, TX) Books have been one of Bill Allison's primary avocations since the mid-1980s, when he started collecting the Texas author J. Frank Dobie. But like the rancher who was only interested in his land and the land that touched his land, books on ranching, the West & related topics soon followed. Five years ago, he made the transition from book collector to book dealer, specializing in Texas and the West. He exhibits at a number of shows in Texas and occasionally issues catalogs or lists. William spends much of the summer we are on Cape Cod where his wife's family has lived since the 1940s. His background includes degrees from Rice University and the University of Texas. Before books, he worked as an environmental lawyer. Bill and his wife have three daughters and live with two highly opinionated cats in Houston, TX. Timothy Boyle, Vintage Books and Fine Art (Easton, MD) Tim Boyle is the proprietor of Vintage Books and Fine Art in Easton, Md., a small, open shop which specializes in books, maps, historic newspapers, and other ephemera of a scholarly or historic nature. A journalism graduate of Towson Univer... [more]

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Valentines to the Trenches

By Sandra Stelts

During this month of February, in the second year of observing the centennial of World War I, it is particularly gladdening to know that during the cold winter of the final year of brutal fighting, there were brave, bare-bottomed Cupids who delivered valentines to our soldiers in the trenches. In The Eberly Family Special Collections Library at the Penn State Libraries there is a series of broadsides that were produced for the American Fund for French Wounded, which was founded in 1915 by American women living abroad to purchase medical supplies and provide relief to wounded soldiers in France during World War I. As the war dragged on, the group expanded to help rebuild French homes and buy supplies. The examples shown here were all produced for the Indianapolis Branch under the title French Relief Fund, and they depict scenes from the home front and the battlefront, accompanied by humorous poems. American watercolorist Mrs. Mamie Bybee Milliken originated the idea of these comic valentines with patriotic themes. (Girls were also a popular theme, of course.) Indiana authors and artists like William Gaar cooperated in the project, and Milliken was able to have the broadsides ready for families and sweethearts to send off to the boys “over there” for February 14, 1918. They were issued as a portfolio set of twelve. (Penn State owns only ten. A complete set can be found at the Indiana Historical Society.) The broadside “My Special Delivery” (above), illustrated by Americ... [more]

The following books were removed from a dealer's cases in transit to the 2018 California Book Fair. Please let us know immediately if you are offered these items at or All are firsts except for the Don Quixote (a second edition). >> Light in August >> Generalization of Gravitational Theory >> This Side of Paradise >> Casino Royale >> Don Quixote >> Candide >> Principles of Political Economy >> Origin of Species >> Reminisces of A Stock Operator >> The Marne >> Being and Nothingness >> Forgotten Village >> Nobel Lecture by Garcia Marquez >> General Theory >> Lolita >> Capitalism Socialism and Democracy >> Theory of Moral Sentiments >> Harry Potter >> Moonraker >> Fountainhead >> Dusklands >> Hobbit >> Live and Let Die >> Giving Tree >> Theory of Games >> Wealth of Nations >> Great Gatsby >> Locke's Abridgement >> Essay Concerning Understanding [more]

In the spring of 2016, I set up a Facebook group called 'We Love Endpapers'. My idea behind it was to create a forum where like-minded people—booksellers, librarians, collectors, book designers—could share, or just drool over, pictures of particularly unusual or beautifully patterned endpapers as and when they came across them. I have always enjoyed the surprise of discovering a hidden gem of an endpaper when opening a book, and thought there may well be others out there who might like to join me in such a group. Sure enough, there are now over 2000 members, and I regularly get people coming up to me at book fairs thanking me for setting it up and saying how much they enjoy it! One thing I have realised since setting up the group is how confusing the terminology of decorated paper can be. With that in mind, here's a brief outline of the kinds of decorated papers you might come across when looking at books from the hand-press period. Many of the examples below have been taken from posts in the We Love Endpapers group (which, I should say, features books from all periods, including modern publications); I hope fellow group members don't mind if I share them here. Marbled Paper The technique of marbling paper was developed in Asia (the oldest examples, from Japan, have been dated to the 12th century) before travelling west, to Persia, Turkey, and Europe. The decoration is achieved not directly onto the sheet of paper itself, but on a liquid called the marbling 'size' ('a glu... [more]

Even if you cannot attend the 51st annual California International Antiquarian Book Fair in Pasadena this weekend (Feb. 9-11, 2018), you can still virtually peruse the booths of some ABAA members through these catalogs of the rare books and ephemera they will be exhibiting in Pasadena. Contact the dealer directly if something catches your eye! Athena Rare Books Booth 218 -- also presenting 50 books from their Women Philosophers catalog at the fair. Biblioctopus Booth 105 David Brass Rare Books Booth 519 Churchill Book Collector Booth 205 James Cummins Bookseller Booth 425 Eclectibles Booth 524 Golden Legend Booth 723 Donald A. Heald Booth 124 Honey & Wax Booksellers Booth 403 Kaaterskill Books Booth 510 Michael Laid Rare Books Booth 311 Jeffrey D. Mancevice Booth 413 Phillip J. Pirages Fine Books & Manuscripts Booth 703 B&L Rootenberg - Rare Books & Manuscripts Booth 317 Abby Schoolman Books Booth 316 Michael R. Thompson Books Booth 423 John Windle Antiquarian Bookseller Booth 396 Stay tuned, as this page will be updated until the event begins... [more]

Some 35 years ago, Charles Bukowski wrote, “Fante was my god”—and with those four words, he brought John Fante and his great books back out of near-obscurity. The quote is from the preface Bukowski wrote for the 1980 Black Sparrow Press reissue of Fante's 1939 novel Ask the Dust, his semi-autobiographical masterpiece of loneliness and Los Angeles, optimism and passion in the face of destitution and abandon. Bukowski's work owed a debt to Fante, but in bringing Fante back and—with the help of Black Sparrow's John Martin—getting Fante's work back into print, Bukowski gave a generous gift to the literary world at large. Fante died just three years after his return to the limelight, but thanks to Buk, many of Fante's works—including five novels and a short fiction collection (as well as five posthumously released books of fiction and two books of letters)—remain in print today. Ask the Dust (Inscribed First Edition) by John Fante NY: Stackpole. (1939). The second book in his semi-autobiographical "Bandini quartet," based on the author's life and experiences in Depression-era Los Angeles. Made into a film in 2006 by Robert Towne, who reportedly called it the best novel ever written about Los Angeles. The film starred Colin Farrell, Selma Hayek and Donald Sutherland. Inscribed by Fante in the year of publication to the collector (and bibliographer of Christopher Morley) Henry Tatnall Brown, Jr., "with the hope that he likes my book," and dated November 14, 1939, appar... [more]