Join the ABAA and ABA for a variety of panels hosted during the Transatlantic Book Fair! 007: The Transatlantic Appeal of Ian Fleming's James Bond Friday, July 23 at 12:00pm ET Panelists: Jon Gilbert, Rebecca Baumann, Ajay Chowdhury Register here... The irrepressible James Bond is returning to the big screen soon in the film “No Time to Die.” Join us at the Transatlantic Book Fair for a panel, hosted by Fleming bibliographer and bookseller Jon Gilbert, discussing Ian Fleming and his iconic character, James Bond. Panelists: Jon Gilbert is an English bibliophile, historian and the official bibliographer of Ian Fleming, creator of the fictional character James Bond. He is also an authority on J.K. Rowling first editions. He was educated at Caterham School and Roehampton Institute London. According to Fleming-family publisher Queen Anne Press, Gilbert is perhaps the foremost expert on the works of Ian Fleming and the literary history of James Bond. Through Adrian Harrington booksellers, he has become an internationally renowned dealer in rare Fleming material, and is a member of the Ian Fleming Foundation. Ian Fleming: The Bibliography, which was published in October 2012, is the result of both a career immersed in the writings of Ian Fleming, and four years intensive research following Fleming's centenary year in 2008. The book was the winner of the 16th ILAB Breslauer Prize for Bibliography, awarded in 2014. Rebecca Baumann is the Head of Public Services at the Lilly Librar... [more Transatlantic Book Fair Public Programs]

Browse the latest catalogs, newsletters, and e-lists of rare books, fine bindings, incunabula, print ephemera, and much more from the members of the ABAA below. (Also includes podcasts, blog posts, and other digital formats.) *New* indicates any catalogs added in the last month. AARDVARK BOOKS/EZRA THE BOOKFINDER Recent Acquisitions ABACUS BOOKS Rubaiyat War, Peace, and Protest ABRAHAM LINCOLN BOOK SHOP Catalog 183: Holiday/Winter 2020 CHARLES AGVENT Summer Miscellany 2021 -- SIGNED Items, Rare Americana, Illustrated Books, and more Archibald MacLeish Collection (New Arrivals) ANDERSON BUTLER RARE BOOKS E-List #23. Put N' Take: A Collection of Gambling Sheet Music Scores, 1889-1987 E-list #22: Konstantin Tsiolkovsky: Astronautics as Esoteric Utopian Philosophy ANTIPODEAN BOOKS, MAPS, PRINTS E-list #44 ~ W.W.I., Americana, Australia, Photographs, Maps, Ephemera E-list #43 ~ Antipodean Books at the Brooklyn Virtual Book Fair ARS LIBRI LTD. Electronic List 132: 19th Century French Illustration and Caricature Electronic List 131: ABAA Virtual Book Fair, 2020 ARTISAN BOOKS & BINDERY Wendell Berry (Newsletter) Cather & Chips (Newsletter) ATHENA RARE BOOKS New York Book Fair - The History of Ideas Catalog 20: Modern Poetry AUGER DOWN BOOKS E-list: Photographic Archives, Latin-Americana, African-Americana, Lincoln Conspirators, American Indian History, and More -- Joint catalog with Daniel / Oliver Gallery E-list 9: The Civil Rights and Black Power Movements AUSTIN ABBEY RARE BOOKS 1... [more Latest Catalogs of Rare Books]

How does one shop an ABAA Virtual Book Fair? Our Virtual Book Fairs combine the convenience of online commerce with the community of in-person book fairs. Just like at an physical book fair, you will be able to: browse the inventory of many exhibitors, but now with the advantage of only having to check out once no matter how many exhibitors you purchase from! speak with the exhibitors in real time, via digital tools like FaceTime and Zoom. be among the first to have the opportunity to buy newly acquired or cataloged items from the most-reputable dealers in the business. shop the fair for a set time only. Our virtual book fairs last for 2-4 days. So arrive early, make a plan to visit the exhibitors you know, and find the material you want! Browsing Options By exhibitor — Browse your favorite booksellers first (organized alphabetically) By aisle — It's a big fair, and you'll want to see every exhibitor. In this case our aisles correspond to geographic region. By product type — Are you particularly interested in maps or photographs? In search of autographs or ephemera? Hunting certain modern first editions? — This is another way to zero in on the items of most interest to you. By budget — Shop items under $500 and don't get distracted by the big-ticket items (as amazing as those may be). By specific item — A keyword search will quickly show you the item(s) you want without having to spend hours walking the show floor! How is an ABAA Virtual Book Fair different from a... [more How to Shop a Virtual Book Fair]


Weekly Highlights

By Rich Rennicks

Our members list new acquisitions and recently cataloged items almost every day of the year. Below, you'll find a few highlights from these recent additions... Tender Buttons by Gertrude Stein New York: Claire Marie, 1914 First edition. Publisher's yellow paper covered boards, green label with green lettering to front cover. Spine toned and cracked with loss to the ends, covers lightly soiled and rubbed, former owner bookplate to front pastedown, mild offsetting to front endpaper, else a good example of a scarce Stein work. Lauded as "a masterpiece in verbal Cubism," Gertrude Stein's 1914 Tender Buttons looks at the mundane in three parts: Objects, Food, and Rooms. She juxtaposes familiar objects and spaces with unconventional descriptions, and this structure encourages the reader to imagine them in a new light, in much the same way Cubist visual artists were doing at the time. The text also reveals the intimacy of Stein with her long-time partner Alice B. Toklas, and the title Tender Buttons has been interpreted as a reference to female nipples. First Edition. Hard Cover. Good. Offered by B&B Rare Books. The storming of the Bastille. "Prise de la Bastille par les Bourgeois et les braves Gardes Françaises de la bonne Ville de Paris, le 14 Juillet 1789. Dédiée à la Nation. state prisons" (Marion, Dictionnaire des Institutions francaises, p. 40), its potency as a visually imposing symbol of tyranny was undiminished. The day of its storming by a crowd of about 1000 "bourgeoi... [more Weekly Highlights]

Virtual book fairs have been embraced by both booksellers and collectors as a way to share new acquisitions and bring the collecting community together during the pandemic. Our next virtual book fair will be the Transatlantic Book Fair -- jointly produced and promoted by the ABAA and our colleagues in the UK, the ABA. The Transatlantic Book Fair takes place from July 22 to July 27, 2021 at The Fair will remain open for six days and will feature rare book dealers from both sides of 'the pond.' Hours: Opens 2pm mid-Atlantic time (9am PDT, noon EDT, 5pm London, 6pm CET) July 22. Closes 8pm mid-Atlantic time (3pm PDT, 6pm EDT, 11pm London, midnight CET) July 27 The fair will be free & open to the public! More details will be announced soon. Join the mailing list for updates about the Transatlantic Book Fair.... Visit to preview the dealers involved. [more Get Ready for the Transatlantic Book Fair]

It is with great pleasure that the Northern California Chapter (NCC) of the Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America (ABAA) announces the winners of the 2021 George Robert Kane Memorial Scholarship, Nicholas Pillsbury and Cecelia Shaw. This year, we had two exceptional candidates who were quite similar. Both were highly recommended, both are currently working as booksellers, and both want to continue in the librarian/special collection field. Because the scholarships combined were less than we normally expend due to the courses being online, we decided to offer both of them a scholarship as they were both so deserving. Nicholas is currently working at Bad Animal Books, a combination bookstore / wine bar / restaurant in Santa Cruz, CA, and is handling all of the rare books online. His experience as a librarian and his M.L.I.S. education has been helpful in the business and he exemplifies the store brand very well. He wants to work as a bookseller for a few more years before possibly working in archives or special collections. Nicholas would like to attend Cal Rare Book School. Cecelia is currently working at Bolerium Books in San Francisco, CA. She is a relatively new employee and is hard working and well-liked by all. She is very interested in the bookselling trade and wants to work at Bolerium for a few years before continuing her academic pursuits. Cecelia used to be a librarian and is fresh out of college, UC Berkeley. She loves the book store and going on sales cal... [more 2021 George Robert Kane Memorial Scholarship]

One thing that distinguishes the book collector from the casual reader is a preference for owning first editions. What is a First Edition? A first edition is the format a book took when it was first made available for sale. The ABAA glossary of book terms states: First Edition: “All of the copies printed from the first setting of type; can include multiple printings if all are from the same setting of type.” Collectors distinguish between a first edition (the first printing of a book) and a modern first edition (which more-or-less applies to books printed from 1900 on -- although, the exact definition is open to debate between dealers). What is a First Printing? The first printing is the first batch of books printed from this first setting of type. For a small press, this might be the only printing a book gets, so all copies are first edition, first printings. (The ABAA glossary is a master of understatement when it says “Every printed book has a first edition, many never have later editions.” For others, there might be dozens of printings, especially if a book becomes wildly successful. (Witness the current trend to keep popular young-adult novels -- Veronica Roth's Allegiant and John Green's Turtles All the Way Down, for two recent examples -- in hardcover for years, rather than replace the hardcover with a paperback edition a year after first publication.) How Can You Tell if a Book is a First Edition? In general, books before 1900 did not indicate first or subsequ... [more Identifying First Editions]


New ABAA Members

By Rich Rennicks

Meet the latest antiquarian booksellers accepted as members of the ABAA. Full Members: Victoria Dailey, Dailey & Turner Rare Books & Ephemera, Los Angeles, CA Victoria Dailey has rejoined the ABAA as a full member after being an Emeritus Member for a short time. In other news, Victoria has recently been named the Deputy Editor of The Book Collector. Daniel Moyer, Daniel / Oliver Gallery, Brooklyn, NY Dan Moyer is one half of the Brooklyn based gallery Daniel / Oliver (along with co-owner Ollie Lott). Daniel / Oliver handles photographic material and other works on paper, primarily unique collections and comprehensive archives, which chronicle American stories. Dan Moyer is also a playwright and screenwriter. His play “Half Moon Bay” premiered at the Cherry Lane Theatre in NYC and he has written for the Facebook Watch show “Limetown.” Michael Pyron, Michael Pyron, Bookseller, Conshohocken, PA Michael Pyron has been a bookseller for 20 years and has been binding and repairing books for nearly as long. He has been a reader most of his life, but was introduced to the idea (and reality) of the “antiquarian book trade” at Black Swan Books where he worked for more than a decade from 2001-2012. It was also at Black Swan Books where he was introduced to conservation and bookbinding and was offered a steady supply of books that required attention and a boss who gave him plenty of latitude to learn by trial and error—a remarkable gift for someone learning a craft. In Novem... [more New ABAA Members]

The 2021 National Collegiate Book Collecting Contest is now accepting entries! Established in 2005 by Fine Books & Collections Magazine to recognize outstanding book collecting efforts by college and university students, the contest is now sponsored by The Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America (ABAA), the Fellowship of American Bibliophilic Societies (FABS), the Grolier Club, and the Center for the Book and the Rare Books and Special Collections Division of the Library of Congress. The contest aims to encourage young collectors to become accomplished bibliophiles. Book-collecting competitions are held at more than three dozen colleges and universities across the United States, and some of these contests have been conducted for many decades, dating back to Swarthmore College's first competition in the 1920s. All college or university prizewinners are encouraged to enter. Student collectors whose institutions do not offer a book collecting contest may also enter. The contest rules can be viewed here... Applications may be submitted here, and all entries for the 2021 competition must be submitted by June 15, 2021. The Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America promotes ethical standards and professionalism in the antiquarian book trade, encourages the collecting and preservation of rare books, and supports education and research. The Fellowship of American Bibliographic Societies was formed in 1993 as a national organization of member book collecting groups. The C... [more National Collegiate Book Collecting Contest 2021]

This fascinating blog post about the history of vellum and parchment is written by Richard Norman, an experienced British bookbinder now living in France, where he runs Eden Wookshops with his wife and fellow bookbinder, Margaret, specializing in Family Bibles and liturgical books. The article originally appeared on, and is reprinted below with the author's permission. --Editor According to the Roman Varro and Pliny's Natural History, vellum and parchment were invented under the patronage of Eumenes of Pergamum, as a substitute for papyrus, which was temporarily not being exported from Alexandria, its only source. Herodotus mentions writing on skins as common in his time, the 5th century BC; and in his Histories (v.58) he states that the Ionians of Asia Minor had been accustomed to give the name of skins (diphtherai) to books; this word was adapted by Hellenized Jews to describe scrolls. Parchment (pergamenum in Latin), however, derives its name from Pergamon, the city where it was perfected (via the French parchemin). In the 2nd century B.C. a great library was set up in Pergamon that rivalled the famous Library of Alexandria. As prices rose for papyrus and the reed used for making it was over-harvested towards local extinction in the two nomes of the Nile delta that produced it, Pergamon adapted by increasing use of vellum and parchment. Writing on prepared animal skins had a long history, however. Some Egyptian Fourth Dynasty texts were written on vel... [more The History Of Vellum And Parchment]