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Editing Shakespeare

By Rich Rennicks

A look at some of the items currently offered by ABAA members can present a partial, but nonetheless illuminating, history of various editors' attempts to complete, "improve," or make Shakespeare more accessible over the centuries. For a guy who's been dead for 400 years, Shakespeare gets more press than many movie stars. Every week there's another theory about what he looked like or whether he wa... [more]

Rare Books News

By Rich Rennicks

The focus around the office and blog has been the Boston Antiquarian Book Fair for the past few weeks. Now that the fair is over, here's a roundup of the big stories book collectors are talking about. Shakespeare Canon Expands, and Co-Authors Named -- The biggest news in some time comes from the editors of the New Oxford Shakespeare, who have concluded that up to 17 of "Shakespeare's" plays were w... [more]

ABAA-members George Koppelman and Daniel Wechsler were featured on CBS Sunday Morning this past weekend. The booksellers belief is that they may have identified Shakespeare's personal copy of John Baret's Alvearie; or Quadruple Dictionarie, and they have published a book detailing their exhaustive investigation. We previously wrote about Koppelman and Wechsler's ground-breaking work in 2014... [more]

To commemorate the day of Shakespeare's birth, and death, April 23rd, The Folger Shakespeare Library will host an international live streaming event from the historic Paster Reading Room at the Folger. Broadcast live via C-SPAN and live streamed at, a diverse array of actors, community leaders, artists and scholars will share their connection to Shakespeare through compelling performanc... [more]

First Folio on Tour

By Rich Rennicks

Some of the most-expensive books in the world are going on tour. The Folger Shakespeare Library is sending several First Folios to partner institutions around the country -- one in each state -- so people can view the famous books upclose and personal. WIlliam Shakespeare's First Folio is a remarkable thing. Compiled just seven years after the great man died, the Folio (so-called because of how th... [more]

Rounding up the rare book news for August... Ernest Hemingway Look-Alike Competition Yes, there really is an Ernest Hemingway look-alike competition. This is the guy who won it this year... Lost Colony Relocated? A clue to the lost colony is discovered in a repaired map... Featured item: THE ARRAIGNMENT AND CONVICTION OF SR VVALTER RAWLEIGH, AT THE KINGS BENCH-BARRE AT WINCHESTER. ON THE 17. OF NO... [more]

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